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    How #EmpowerAllBodies Campign Encourage People Build Body Positive Image and Love Themselvies

    by Ellie

    Body positive image has been claimed as one of the deepest obstacles to the empowerment of women. Women have splendor ideals from each direction, and there’s no secret the thinking of these values starts in their childhood. However, at present, there has been a flow in plus-size social media campaigns going viral lately. In this post, we will introduce how EmpowerAllBodies Campaign has changed the culture of body positive and women diversity.

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    In 2015, Jes Baker started her own body positive movement campaign, as she was not satisfied with the kind of advertising campaign plus-size retailer Lane Bryant has presented called as #ImNoAngel campaign to tell everyone that all sizes are truly sexy.

    Regardless, the #EmpowerAllBodies campaign by Jes Baker is another story. As an author, blogger, author, mental health professional and speaker, she had already presented about the significance of body love at different events. She become popular for her exceptional and amazing visual campaigns like #EmpowerAllBodies. She was able to write a note to Linda Heasly, who is the CEO and President of Lane Bryan, telling her concerns regarding the advertisement campaign. It tells that the #ImNoAngel shows just one shape of a body while redefining the sexy plus women – a shape being the conventional hourglass.

    The #EmpowerAllBodies is a direct response to the plus-size advertisement campaign made by Lane Bryant. Baker was able to gather a group of different and diverse models, which includes herself and team up with the photographer Jade Bedall to tell everyone what a diverse plus-size underwear campaign will look like.

    Love Your Body

    Skinnier thighs, bigger eyes, longer legs, and thicker hair, people mostly believe their own value and depend on physical appearance. Wanting to look perfect is one of the thieves of joy. We must learn to accept ourselves and love what we have. Having a better relationship enables you to be concerned towards yourself and to treat your body with respect and love. Once you feel confident about it, you are no longer reliant on the opinions of others and you are ready to begin building a life you want.

    The happier and satisfied you are with your body, the more chances that people will feel happy around you. When you accept and love your body, we feel more confident, more peaceful and we are fun to be around. We are calm and because we feel connected within, it’s simpler to connect with other people. The connection is the nature of people.

    No matter how bad we treat our bodies, they are there to comfort us when we are sad, take care of us when we’re not feeling well and be our companion. Therefore, instead of changing your bodies look like retouched images, it’s time for you to start rejoicing your body’s positive and natural beauty, existence and functionality. Every woman are unique and different so representing all types of the body in a campaign just like what Jes Baker did is meant to empower all women is very effective.

    Without a doubt, the #EmpowerAllbodies highlights all the issues which other body positive empowerment campaign raised.

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