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    30 First Date Tips for Women 2022-Expert View

    by Ellie

    A good first date can be a stressful experience. Fortunately there are some best first date tips for women that can help make your ideal first date go smoothly and teach you what to do on the first date. We will share those tips in this article.

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    Common Scenes

    You are meeting someone new and you want to make sure that everything goes well; You want to be yourself but you also want to make a good impression; New dating always is tough to strike the right balance, but also, it’s definitely worth it if things go well.

    Common First Date Mistakes

    Firstly, to better understand what to do on the first date, we will discuss some common first-date mistakes.  

    When you go on a good first date with someone, it can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. On one hand, you might be excited to finally getting to know this person better and determine whether there is potential for a romantic connection. On the other hand, you might be nervous about saying or doing something that will make a bad impression.

    first date tips for women
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    So mistakes seem unavoidable, but do they really are?

    1. Talking about their exes. This is a major turn-off for many of us and it can make it appear as though you are not over your last relationship.
    2. Being tardy. It might cause your “late”, which sends a message that you are not reliable or considerate, and it also can put a damper on your first date.
    3. Ordering the most expensive items on the menu. It is not what to do on the first date, cause ordering the most expensive items can make you look like you are trying too hard.

    Then, you must have your own answer. So, you need to keep those common first-date mistakes in mind and avoid them.

    But don’t dwell too much time on dating mistakes you’ve made in the past, such as being late or forgetting your date’s name. Instead, focusing on the present and try to make the best of your current situation.

    Data About First Date

    Or you raised a doubt: is the first date really matter for women? Well, here are some powerful statistics, check them then you will know:

    • According to a survey by cosmetics company L’ Oreal, a woman spends an average of $55 on makeup for their first date.
    • The same survey found that men spend an average of $43 on their good first date.
    • According to a survey of 2,000 people by dating app Plenty of Fish, about 40 percent of good first dates lead to a second date.
    • The number of people who experience “ghosting” on first dates has increased by 50 percent.
    • According to statistics from WooPlus Weekly Talk, nearly 57% of people experienced “ghosting”.
    57% of people experienced “ghosting”(photo from WooPlus)

    But don’t be nervous, the best first-date tips for women have already been featured below. We believe they will help you to relax and understand what to do on your first date.

    30 First Date Tips for Women

    Basic First Date Tips For Women

    The information below explains what to do on the first date. By using these first-date tips for women in this article, you can ensure that your first date is both exciting and memorable.

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    • Know your dating goals. Are you looking for a serious relationship or just want to have fun? Answering this question will help you direct the conversation on your first date.
    • Choose a public place for your first date. For example, a park or a coffee shop are ideal first date options. These environments will help you feel more relaxed and safer.
    • Notice the weather and traffic conditions. This date tip will help you plan your outfit and travel time.
    • Pick appropriate clothes. You want to look good, but not too flashy. Wear what makes you feel comfortable and confident.
    • Wear the right makeup and perfume (and don’t forget your nails/hair). These will help you to look polished, but not too hard. In addition, make sure your nails are clean and your breath smells good.
    • Know something about your match. This tip will give you something to talk about on your date. It will also help you gauge how compatible you two are.
    • Stay Relaxed. It is natural to feel some nervous before an ideal first date, but try to relax and be yourself. Your match will appreciate your sincerity.
    • Arrive early (but only a little). If your date is at 7pm, aim to arrive around 6:45pm. This will give you time to settle down and avoid being too rushed. It demonstrates that you are considerate and punctual.
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    • Make a great impression through gestures, politeness, and words. You should avoid using profanity or talking about controversial topics.
    • Act confidently and show your charms. If you are funny, tell a joke. If you are intelligent, ask your match interesting questions…… Just don’t be afraid to show off your best qualities.
    • Do not scroll your phone too often. This is an important date how-to tip: only check it if you expect an important call. This shows that you are interested in your match and that you don’t have “better things to do”.
    • Some body contact may be helpful for your romantic chemistry. You can touch your date’s arm or shoulder when you are talking, but make sure your date is comfortable with this before you proceed.
    • Do not drink too much alcohol. You can have one drink on your date (but no more). This will help you stay in control and not say or do something you will regret later. So just don’t get drunk and make a fool of yourself.
    • If your matches want to pay, allow them to do so. You could say, “Thank you, I really appreciate it.” Or if you want to pay the bill, you can reach for your wallet and say, “Let me get this. It’s the least I can do.”
    • Let your match know that you are interested in them, but not too interested”. This will help you gauge their level of interest and avoid coming on too strong.
    • Remember the “three-day rule”. The three-day rule refers to waiting three days before contacting a match after a date. This will make you appear more confident and less desperate.

    Conversation First Date Tips:

    An ideal first date is not the time to air your laundry or any other chores. And save topics like religion or politics for another time. They can be polarizing and make for an uncomfortable conversation.

    First dates should be light and fun. It’s recommended that you stick to safe topics below:

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    • Come up with some topics in advance. One date how to tip is to ask your match about their hobbies, interests, or favorite things to do. You could also ask about their family, pets, or favorite vacation spot…… All by all, preparing topics in advance.
    • Start with casual topics. This date how-to tip is to ask your matches about their day, their work, or their classes……
    • Discuss some “romantic” topics. These will help you gauge your matches’ views on dating or relationship.
    • Smile more than talk. If your match is telling a story, try to smile and nod occasionally. This will demonstrate that you are interested in what they are saying and that you are a good listener.
    • Don’t share too much information on your first date. Stick to discussing basic information like where you are from, what you do, and what’s your hobbies.
    • Pay attention to your body language. Lean in when your match is talking or mirror their body language. This will show that you are interested and engaged in the conversation.
    • Don’t complain too much. Doing this will make you appear negative and unhappy. Try to focus on the positive aspects of your life.
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    • Listen more than speaking. This will help you learn more about your matches and give them the opportunity to talk about themselves. It is also a good way to show that you are a good listener.
    • Don’t talk about your ex. This is a major turn-off, and it might make your matches think you are not over your past relationship.
    • Avoid sad/traumatic topics. For example, your parents’ divorce, some people’s death, a sad social event……These topics can be upsetting, so they are best avoided.
    • Be careful to judge something you don’t know. Avoid making fun of your date’s religion or cultural beliefs. You could end up offending them unintentionally.
    • Be honest, but not too honest. If you’re trying to be honest, just be truthful about your feelings and intentions and avoiding telling your date everything about yourself. Remember, sticking to discuss the positive aspects of your life.
    • Make eye contact when your date is talking. It will make your date feel more comfortable and boost your romantic chemistry.
    • Enjoy the silent moments. Don’t feel like you always have to fill the silence with conversation. Sometimes it’s nice to just sit and enjoy each other’s company.
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    Be Yourself

    When you are trying to figure out what to do on the first date, it is important to relax and be yourself. Don’t try to act like someone you are not or put on an “act” in an attempt to impress your date. Just be yourself – let your personality shine through. It’s also important to have fun on a first date. This doesn’t mean you need to crack jokes all night long, but it does mean that you should enjoy yourself and the time you are spending with your date.

    If things don’t work out, don’t take it personally. Move on and try again. There’s no need to beat yourself up. An ideal first date is a fun way to get to know someone better, so relax and enjoy the process. You will eventually find someone who is perfect for you.

    Enjoy Your Date

    Those first-date tips will help you relax and enjoy getting to know your date and understand what to do on the first date.

    A good first date how-to tip is all about having good experience. You want to find out as much as you can about the other person, and they should do the same with you. That way, you can both get a sense of whether or not you are compatible.

    A good first date is also a great opportunity to have fun and enjoy each other’s company. Relax, be yourself, and see where the conversation takes you. Who knows? You might just find your perfect match.

    An ideal first date can come with a lot of pressure. After reading first date tips for women above, what I wanna emphasizing is that yourself is the most important.

    So be yourself and let the person get to know you. If there is a connection, things will flow naturally from there. But if not, just accept it and move on.

    And again, a good first date is a fun and interesting experience for you — make the most of it!

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    Best Regards

    In conclusion, now that you have read those best first date tips for women above, it is time to put them into action! In summary,

    But remember, those first date tips for women are all based on your feelings. Then charm your date! Enjoy yourself and have fun. You will make a great impression!

    And don’t forget, you deserve the best. And the first date is a chance to get to know someone better, not a test that you need to pass. If things don’t work out, don’t take it too seriously–just move on and try again.

    And of course, don’t forget to share your own first-date tips for women with us. We would love to hear from you.


    Q: What Are Some First Date Tips for Plus-Sized Women?

    Ans: When it comes to a good first date, there are a few things that plus-sized women need to keep in mind. It is important to remember that you are beautiful and worthy of love and respect. No matter your size, you deserve to be treated well by your date. Don’t let anyone make you feel otherwise. And also, you could click here for more details.

    Q: What Are Some First Date Tips for Flirting?

    Ans: There are a few different ways that women can flirt on a good first date. For example:

    • Offer compliments. One way to flirt is to give your date a compliment. This can be about anything from their sense of humor to their hair. The compliment(s) should be genuine and honest.
    • Make eye contact. Make eye contact with your date. This shows that you are interested in them and are engrossed in the discussion.
    • Touch them lightly. Another way to flirt is to touch your date lightly on the arm or shoulder. Of course, do not touch them in a way that makes them uncomfortable.

    Q: What Should I Do After the First Date?

    Ans: Here’s what to do on the after first-date: don’t forget to follow up with your date after the first date. Send a quick text or email thanking them for their time and let them know you had a great time. After a bit of time has passed, ask whether they are free for a second date. If they say no, don’t get too discouraged – it simply means that things didn’t work out this time around. Keep trying and you’ll find someone who’s right for you.

    One after first-date tip is to debrief yourself about the date. Take some time to think about what went well and what you could improve the next time. These first date tips will help you grow and learn from each experience.