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    From “Only” to “Hotline Bling”, Hope Drake’s Music Can Promote Body Positivity

    by Becky

    Ever wondered why women run after the famous Canadian rapper, Drake? Well, it is not just his rugged looks and laid back attitude but it is his songs that are an epitome of emotions that speaks to each individual. Each track that comes out is so sonically gripping that you find yourself reliving the moment and realizing what your worth is. Drake Graham keeps a momentum in each of his song to bring out one’s true self, so that people don’t hide behind covers in embarrassment of what they look like. Drake has always been an admirer of big beautiful women, also known to be abbreviated as BBW. He makes every thick and curvy woman out there feel accepted. Drake shows his intention of spreading a body positivity image that motivates the BBW out there who feel unattractive due the set standards of society.

    Drake dropped a verse about BBW women in the song ‘Only’ that featured him with Nicki Minaj that was released on October 28. This song sparked the discussion of body positivity image for the BBW. This term was not used very often by artists but Drake had the tenacity to revolutionize the approval of feeling beautiful even if you are a fat woman. His part in the song, ‘Only’ claims that he himself is fond of plus size women and a famous singer like him is drawn towards their beauty. The question is: Does size limit the appeal of woman to men? Plus size women are equally charming and Drake’s newfound love for thick bodies is genuine as it is a controversial issue to pull off by an artist.

    He is known to be a ‘Champion’ of women because his lyrics put the BBW community on a higher ground. This Grammy winner doesn’t humiliate or devalue the leaner girls because each one of them has an alluring body that can engage a man. All he wants to convey through his music is that petite curvy women can also stand out in the crowd which promotes body positive image. BBW don’t need the validation of any man to make them feel good about themselves, this needs to develop from within in order to love yourself. The video of Drake’s new hit ‘Hotline Bling’ empowers fat women by casting dancers that are bulky and plump but still manage to look sensual. These women steal the spotlight from Drake and manage to blow up the screens. It also portrays his emotional commitment towards all kinds of body types.

    Drake is consistently trying to eliminate the stigma circling against dating plus size women. His representations in his tracks raise the voice of standing strong with your own body type and not caring about what others might perceive about you. So, his songs from ‘Only’ to ‘Hotline Bling’ are push of positivity for the BBW community contributing towards a body positive image. Women need to flaunt their curves and celebrate their perfect bodies without feeling ashamed of their weight.

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