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    50 Funny Responses to “How Are You” That Liven up Your Conversation

    by Ellie

    You may often hear the age-old question, “How are you?”. For example, when your friend says hello to you; receive a greeting message in social or dating apps. While it’s usually meant as a kind greeting, it can sometimes feel predictable and even boring. But why not spice things up and showcase your great sense of humor by using a funny response to “How are you”? A witty answer can liven up the conversation and we’re here to assist you in doing so!

    18 funny responses to “How are you” when you feel good

    feel well

    1. “I’m so good that even my coffee is jealous.”

    – Playfully implies that feeling great extends to inanimate objects being envious.

    2. “If I were any better, I’d be twins!”

    – Jokes about feeling so good that it’s as if there are two of you.

    3. “I’m doing so well that my aura is on a tropical vacation.”

    – Conjures up a fanciful depiction of cheerful energy emanating akin to a holiday.

    4. “Feeling like a superhero without the cape. Superpowers include laughter and good vibes!”

    – Adds a playful twist by attributing superpowers to feeling good.

    5. “If happiness were a currency, I’d be a billionaire right now.”

    – Compares happiness to wealth to express a great amount of joy.

    6. “I’m so good, even my shadow is following me around with a big smile.”

    – Imagines a cheerful atmosphere extending to your shadow.

    7. “Feeling like I just won the lottery, but without the millions… yet!”

    – Inserts a humorous twist by referencing the excitement of winning without fortune.

    8. “If feeling this good were a crime, I’d be serving a life sentence.”

    – Plays on the idea of feeling so good that it’s almost criminal.

    9. “Better than a double rainbow. Trust me; I checked!”

    – Uses the rare occurrence of a double rainbow as a humorous comparison.

    10. “I’m so good, I might start a wellness podcast. Stay tuned for my tips on how to be this awesome!”

    – Pokes fun at the idea of feeling so good that it warrants starting a podcast.

    11. “Feeling like a sitcom character whose life is just getting too ridiculous to be real.”

    – Compares life to a sitcom for a humorous take on feeling great.

    12. “On a scale from 1 to 10, I’m pushing infinity and beyond!”

    – Exaggerates positivity using a playful reference to infinity.

    13. “If I were any better, I’d need a permit!” – Jokes about feeling so good that it might require official authorization.

    14. “I’m so good, I might enroll in a happiness competition. First prize: more happiness!”

    – Creates a fictional scenario of competing for even more happiness.

    15. “Feeling like I just aced the happiness exam. Professor Smiles gave me an S!”

    – Adds a touch of academia to humor, suggesting a fictional happiness exam.

    16. “If good vibes were a sport, I’d be the reigning champion!”

    – Playfully frames feeling good as a championship in the imaginary sport of good vibes.

    17. “Feeling like the star of my feel-good movie. Coming soon to a theater near you!”

    – Takes a cinematic approach by likening life to a feel-good movie.

    18. “So good that even my mirror asked for some tips on reflecting positivity.”

    – Personifies the mirror and humorously suggests that it even wants to reflect your positivity.

    16 funny responses to “How are you” when you are not okay

    feel bad

    1. “I’m as functional as a broken pencil right now.”

    – Uses humor to convey a sense of not feeling well, comparing oneself to something that is not functioning properly.

    2. “Hanging in there like a sloth on a branch.”

    – Describing oneself as hanging in there humorously implies a slow or challenging day.

    3. “I’m on a first-name basis on my couch today.”

    – Humorously suggesting that you’re spending a lot of time on the couch due to not feeling great.

    4. “I’m at the ‘staring blankly into the void’ stage of my day.”

    – Expressing a feeling of emptiness or exhaustion humorously.

    5. “If I were a plant, I’d be a wilting one right about now.”

    – Using a metaphor to humorously convey a sense of feeling less than lively.

    6. “I’m practicing for a hibernation competition.”

    – Jokingly attributing your low energy to preparing for a non-existent hibernation competition.

    7. “As good as a penguin in the Sahara.”

    – Employing an absurd comparison to humorously express feeling out of place or uncomfortable.

    8. “I’m channeling my inner panda – eat, sleep, repeat.”

    – Using the behavior of a panda to describe a simple and low-energy routine.

    9. “If life gives you lemons, throw them back and ask for chocolate.”

    – A playful way of expressing a desire for something sweet or comforting.

    10. “I’m like a GPS without a signal – lost and confused.”

    – Drawing a humorous analogy between feeling lost and a GPS without a signal.

    11. “Living the ‘trying not to spill coffee on myself’ kind of life.”

    – Using a mundane activity to humorously depict the challenges of the day.

    12. “I’m in a committed relationship with my bed right now.”

    – Humorously exaggerating the connection with the bed to convey a desire for rest.

    13. “My mood today is sponsored by ‘meh.'”

    – Playfully attributing your mood to the generic expression of indifference.

    14. “Currently starring in the sequel: ‘Not Another Monday.'”

    – Using a movie sequel reference to humorously express the repetitiveness of the day.

    15. “I’ve upgraded from ‘couch potato’ to ‘blanket burrito.'”

    – Playfully describing a transition from one low-energy state to another.

    16. “Feeling like a character in a melodramatic soap opera, minus the drama.”

    – Using irony to express feeling overly emotional without any real drama.

    16 funny responses to “How are you” when you feel normal

    1. “I’m on a scale between ‘ready to conquer the world’ and ‘where did I put my socks.'”

    – Expressing a mix of confidence and slight disarray, playing on the extremes of emotions.

    2. “Living the dream… or maybe just daydreaming, I’m not sure.”

    – Humorously suggesting uncertainty about whether the current situation feels dreamlike or more like daydreaming.

    3. “Somewhere between ‘fantastic’ and ‘where did I leave my keys.’ “

    – Jokingly comparing a positive mood to the frustrating situation of misplacing keys.

    4. “I’m in that ‘existential crisis or just hungry’ mood.”

    – Blending humor with a common scenario, implying that the mood might be influenced by deeper thoughts or just hunger.

    5. “As good as a penguin in a desert, but surviving!”

    – Using the unexpected analogy of a penguin in a desert to convey a sense of being out of place but still managing.

    6. “Feeling like a potato in a world of french fries.”

    – Playfully highlighting a sense of uniqueness or being out of sync with the surroundings.

    7. “I’m on the fine line between ‘I got this’ and ‘what day is it?’ “

    – Suggesting a delicate balance between confidence and confusion about the current day.

    8. “Somewhere between ‘Netflix and chill’ and ‘Netflix and overthink.’ “

    – Blending the popular phrase “Netflix and chill” with a humorous twist, indicating a balance between relaxation and overthinking.

    9. “On a scale of ‘one to America,’ I’m feeling ‘freedom.’ “

    – Using a scale analogy with a playful reference to the concept of freedom associated with America.

    10. “I’m as confused as a chameleon in a bag of Skittles.”

    – Employing vivid imagery to convey a state of confusion, comparing it to a chameleon in a colorful and diverse environment.

    11. “Feeling as unpredictable as the weather in spring.”

    – Comparing the mood to the unpredictable nature of spring weather, conveys a sense of variability.

    12. “In a state of ‘just winging it’ with a side of ‘fake it till you make it.’ “

    – Playfully acknowledging a lack of a clear plan while also embracing a confident attitude.

    13. “I’m in the gray area between ‘awesome’ and ‘just meh.’ “

    – Describing a mood that falls between extremes, with shades of both positivity and indifference.

    14. “Doing as well as a cat balancing on a fence—it may go either way.”

    – Using the precarious situation of a cat on a fence to express uncertainty about the current state.

    15. “I’m channeling my inner mood swing today.”

    – Playfully attributing the mood to an imaginary inner personality known for mood swings.

    16. “Somewhere between ‘life is a party’ and ‘I’m not on the guest list.’ “

    – Using a party metaphor to humorously describe a mood that falls between celebration and feeling left out.

    How to respond to the “How are you” text from your girl?

    how are you text message

    If you receive a text from your girl or a match from a dating app, how do you give a response? You can pick one funny response from above, of course. Or it can vary based on the context of your relationship and your current feelings. Here are some responses you might consider:

    • Be positive: “I’m great, just thinking about how lucky I am to have you in my life! How about you?”
    • Be affectionate: “Feeling even better now that I’m talking to you. How’s your day going?”
    • Be expressive: “Honestly, I’m feeling pretty fantastic. Your messages always brighten my day. How about you?”
    • Be flirty: “I’m good, but I bet I’d be even better with you by my side.”Be curious: “Good, but I’m more interested in how you’re doing. Anything new or exciting happening to you?”
    • Be romantic: “I’m doing well, especially knowing I have you in my life. What about you? Missing you.”

    Always keep in mind the response is not always the same. You need to consider the dynamics of your relationship and tailor your response to match the tone you both share. Most importantly, sincerity and genuine interest in her well-being usually go a long way.

    Final Thoughts

    When someone asks “How are you”, whether you’re feeling Okay or not-so-great, try responding funnily and humorously. It shows you’re good at understanding emotions and makes your following conversations more enjoyable. After reading this article, you’ll find some cool suggestions for your answers. Now you know how to reply with a touch of humor. Give it a try and make your conversations more fun.