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    How to Be A Happy Fat Girl – GabiFresh

    by Becky

    happy fat girl
    Image source: Instagram @gabifresh

    In recent months, plus size women have been asking to be heard by retailers and society alike, and retail giant J.C. Penney’s has heard them. The company has recently released an ad campaign that promotes body positivity and features a number of plus size women who are well known in the fashion industry and social media. One notable figure is the popular fashion blogger GabiFresh whose beauty, strength, and confidence make her an amazing role model for fat girls everywhere.

    Gabi Gregg, more commonly known as GabiFresh online, first began her popular fashion blog back in 2008, to gain more journalism experience after having graduated from college. She used her blog as a platform to help other BBW, particularly young girls, who may be struggling with body positivity. From the very beginning, Fresh has made it clear that she disagrees with the idea of “dressing for your body” and believes that fat girls should be allowed to wear whatever they want.

    In 2014, she worked with plus size models Nadia Aboulhosn and Tess Munster to release their own version of Beyonce’s song “Flawless,” that they called “everyBODYisflawless.” The song was used as another way to promote body positivity and acceptance and hit back at those who trolled plus size women or criticized them for their size. The video received a lot of praise for the feminism that it displays, and the overall “middle finger” it sent to people who said being plus size was an unhealthy or gross lifestyle.

    Since then, Fresh has worked to break the idea that plus size women cannot wear certain things. She is one of many influential plus size women who have been linked to the swimsuitsforall campaign, which encourages BBW to not be afraid of bikinis and other sexy bathing suits just because of their size. Now, she is also working with J.C. Penney’s and a number of other women on the company’s new Here I Am campaign.

    In the campaign’s premiere video, Fresh talks about how, while in high school, she thought that being thinner would make her prettier; that it would make her life perfect. But she eventually realized that size was just a number, and it could not define her as a person. Now, she is adamant that even if she lost 100 pounds, it would not change anything because she would still be the same GabiFresh that she is today. The video ends with her and other notable women stressing the fact that fat girls can do anything they want, and that they should without any fear.

    GabiFresh is just one of the amazing plus size women taking part in this campaign as a way to encourage BBW to love themselves. She is proving again and again that she is an incredible role model, and that fat girls really can do anything that they want. Stay tuned to learn more about women like GabiFresh, who are happy to be one of the fat girls and could care less what haters have to say.

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