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How to Be A Happy Fat Girl – Mary Lambert

by Becky

Image source: Instagram/@marylambertsing

If you have ever listened to Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’s “Same Love,” then you have heard the voice of the incredibly talented Mary Lambert. But, Lambert did not just provide vocals for the chorus of the song—she helped to write it. And this is just one of Lambert’s many accomplishments that give her something to truly be happy and proud of these days. She is truly an inspiring woman, one that plus size women should proudly admire for everything she has been able to do.Growing up, Lambert did not have the easiest life and faced many obstacles, with only a few of them relating to the struggles of growing up a fat girl. But, even at a young age, Lambert loved the arts and performing and dreamed of being a performer, even if she did not think it would come true. By the time she was 6-years-old, she was already playing piano and writing her own songs. By age 10, she was teaching herself how to play the guitar and looked up to artist like Tracy Chapman, the indigo Girls, and James Taylor. Then at 19, she discovered spoken-word poetry, which had a major impact on her life—she went on to compete in different competitions, and even released a book of poetry called 500 Tips for Fat Girls, which took a very real look at all sorts of topics, including body image and sexuality.

But, it was not until she got a call from a friend while saying that Ryan Lewis was sending her a track to write the chorus for that she truly got her big break. The song in question was “Same Love,” which would eventually go double-platinum. Lambert added her own voice to the song, writing the chorus from her own perspective as both a Christian and a lesbian. After the success of the song, Lambert signed with Capitol Records and began releasing music herself, and released an extension of “Same Love” called “She Keeps Me Warm,” which hit #2 on the iTunes music chart. Following a similar trend, all of her music is very real, with many focusing on the ideas of body love and acceptance, which she things is especially important for plus size women, as a fat girl herself.

To her, being a fat girl should make no difference; a person’s value is not based on their size. And she hopes that people can see that when they listen to her music, particularly her song “Body Love” which comes in two parts.

At 27-years-old, Mary Lambert’s career is really just beginning, but she has already shown the world she is a force to be reckoned with. Beyond making powerful, honest music, she is also a strong advocate for body acceptance movements and gay rights. Just like so many famous plus size women, Lambert lives by the motto that regardless of her size, she can do anything, wear anything, and be anything that she wants. And she will never let anyone tell her otherwise—just look at where she is now, after all.

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