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    In Response to “Fat-shaming Cards Handed To London Tube Passengers”

    by Becky

    It is just so horrible. NHS worker Kara Florish posted a message on twitter that she was handed a fat-shaming card when she was on London tube. This card, created by a group which calls itself “Overweight Hater Ltd”, berates overweight people “fat, ugly humans”.

    Instantly, this tweet fired people’s anger toward these ignorant fat-haters. People came to Kara’s page to express their sympathies and support that “I’m not a person who cries much but if I was handed this I would be in floods of tears.” or “Hi Kara – apologies for the tweet but so pleased to read that you are not letting these idiots affect you. Keep smiling.”

    In past years, when we face various ignorant fat-shaming actions, we always deal it with kindness and politeness. But this time, we would say NO to these fat-haters, not just with words, but with actions. Someone is totally right “This is their only warning, hand one to me and be prepared to accept a right hook to the facial area. ” Following is a card that we made specifically for these shaming fat-haters. This time, we will use our own hands to protect our rights as a common human. We know this may be a little over-reacted, but we just want to express our determination and courage to fight fat-shaming.

    This time, we refuse to be “polite” toward those ignorant & inhuman fat-shamers.

    Please kindly share this card to more people if you agree with us.