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    Tinder Says No Match No Chat? WooPlus is About to Surprise You!

    by Ellie

    WooPlus, the best app for curvy people and their admirers, is launching a new fun dubbed lucky Eggs, offering users a basket full of surprises to discover, even to start chatting without a match.

    Cards swiping, the most common taking-on from Tinder, used by pretty much every online dating apps, even take into other territories when it comes to swiping your attitude. No doubt it’s simple and straightforward.

    But, are you tired of swiping just in hope to bump into someone who might swipe right back you? Do you want more adventures along your way to find true love?

    Now, WooPlus presents you an unprecedented alternative to save your hearts from becoming numb and puts it in a lucky basket.

    How It Works

    lucky eggs

    You can find the Eggs access on the same page as Cards to enjoy what WooPlus has prepared for you in that lucky basket:

    Chat without Match – We have recommended users just picked for you. We want you to just jump into a conversation when you find this one special. And It’s FREE. Yes, we heard this is what you all yearn for.

    Voice Message from Your “McDreamy” – Does his/her charming voice swoon you up? You can literally feel they are talking into your ears as they are right beside you. More intimate than merely checking through photos. Also, you can make a voice egg yourself to kick off a wonderful start.

    VIP Trial Pass – Unlimited messages with anyone you like, extra rounds of card play, checking who liked you and more. What are you waiting for?!

    Free Gifts – Wonderful gifts but no penny costs. WooPlus want you to save coins for something even better.

    Coins Giveaway Get more Coins to purchase more premium services, which is the “Something Even Better” we are talking about.

    WooPlus got quite positive feedbacks during the testing phase. One user Bob shared: “Incredible! Her beautiful voices really melted my heart. I sent a gift over and we started chatting right away.” Another active user Eden posted on his moment: “Eggs pop up to meet online beauty just nearby, I got an instant response after texting. It’s amazing!”

    People always fancy a bit of unexpected delight, particularly such indefinite experience absolutely worth looking forward to. WooPlus is breaking through one new path to reach more users.

    Love is like a basket of lucky Eggs, you never know what you’re gonna get. Why not shake your phone NOW? More to expect!