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    Miss British Beauty Curve Competition: Where Beautiful Doesn’t Mean Skinny

    by Ellie

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    Image by Kathrin Pienaar from Pixabay

    Breaking free from the stereotype that only skinny is beautiful, Miss British Beauty Curve competition was organized in Epsom, Surrey, recently. A total of 27 contestants, ranging between size 16 and 24, battled it out on the ramp to be crowned the hottest plus-size model of them all(Click here to see more plus-size models). Miss British Beauty Curve competition is an annual beauty pageant that aims to drive home the point that even big can be beautiful.

    The contestants battled it out for the coveted plus-size beauty queen crown in two different categories – Miss British Beauty Curve and Ms & Mrs British Beauty Curve(Know more about plus-size pageants). While the first category was open for participants between 18 and 29 years of age, the second was meant for women over 29 years and six months at the start of the competition. Anyone fitting that age criteria was welcome to participate in the category, irrespective of their marital status or whether they have children. Rebecca Argent, size 18, beat her competitors to the finish line to be crown Miss British Beauty Curve 2015, while Katherine Henry, size 16, was the winner for Ms & Mrs British Beauty Curve 2015 title.

    Speaking after winning the title, Rebecca Argent said it was the best day of her life as it meant she had succeeded in defeating the bullies who had always made her life miserable. There couldn’t be a better introduction of Miss British Beauty Curve Competition, as her emotions perfectly sum up the concept of this beauty pageant. Every plus-size girl goes through harassment and discrimination at one point in life or another. The feeling of being friendless and constantly being mocked for their size, often leaves big girls with a deflated sense of confidence and broken self-esteem.

    For someone who has always been ashamed of their body, it takes a lot of courage to walk the ramp in a swimsuit and speaking their hearts out in front a large gathering. It is a life altering experience, one that gives these plus-size girls the self-belief to take on the world without feeling inadequate because of their size.

    The beauty pageant comprised three rounds – evening dress, fashion wear and swimwear. The winner in the 30 years plus category, Katherine Henry, entered the swimwear round in a cover-up. She later explained that it was because her natural instinct has always been cover up her body and not to flaunt it. However, once she was in front of the judges a renewed sense of confidence seemed to have washed her over, as she flung the cover aside to reveal her floral bikini. This is what a competition of this kind does – it makes plus-size women fall in love with their bodies.

    The Miss British Beauty Curve is currently in its third year and promises to return with a fresh edition next year. The evening was hosted by Emily Blake, who had bagged the title of Miss British Beauty Curve 2014. The other winners from the previous two editions were part of the judges’ panel. Initiatives like Miss British Beauty Curve are a sign that the fashion industry is ready to break-free of the age-old stereotypes and look beyond the confines of the unrealistic size zero.