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    Money Pizza Respect, a New Book from The Fat Jew

    by Ellie

    Popular American entertainer, Josh Ostrovsky, has compiled an eccentric collection of humorous images and personal essays in a book titles Money Pizza Respect.

    The name Josh Ostrovsky may not ring a bell for many, but over 6 million Instagram followers, the Fat Jew is definitely a celebrity in its own right. His meme-packed updates that have had million of Instagram  users in splits will now be brought out of the realm of social media and made available to the masses in form of a book title Money Pizza Respect. Though the book won’t hit the stands, or online stores, until Nov 3, here is a sneak peek into what the multi-faceted entertainer has in store for his readers.

    The book, according to Josh Ostrovsky, was only the next logical step in the Fat Jew’s journey to stardom. Speaking about the reasons that drove him to compile a book, Josh stated that a memoir that presents a humorous account of his journey thus far seemed like the next best thing to do after having shot to fame with over 6 million followers on Instagram, launching a premium brand of Wine, become a successful plus-size model and hosting a radio show.

    A sneak peek into the first chapter titled, ‘Child Abuse. I know What You’re Thinking; Just Read The Chapter’, give a fair idea of what the book has in store for the readers. Though the title speaks of child abuse, the Fat Jew uses it to describe how he was ‘pushed into the biz’ world at the young age of 8 because his mother pinned her hopes of seeing her unfulfilled ambitions of making it big in the world of showbiz on him. With such hyperbolic titles coupled with anti-climatic, humorous text and images, Money Pizza Respect is a tale bearing a characteristic stamp of the present times. It makes for a perfect read for those who take high doses of humor and do not take themselves too seriously. For those who have that humorous streak missing, may be disgusted, appalled and even downright scandalized by the Fat Jew’s literary debut. Love it or hate it, but one thing is certain, you definitely cannot ignore it.

    Calling the book stupid funny, Josh claimed that his mother, father and almost everyone who has known him up close was pleasantly surprised by his decision to try his hand at writing. Further speaking about his decision to pen down this memoir, Josh was quoted as saying, “I’m the illegitimate son of Bette Midler and Steven Segal, two New York Times bestselling authors. So should anyone really be surprised that I’ve written a book?”