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10 New Craigslist Personals Alternative Websites in 2022

by Becky

photo source: google

Have you learned about Craiglist personal? When we talk about Craigslist personals, we find it is one of the most widely used websites for finding dates and having sex. Postings for “strictly platonic,” “dating/romance,” and “casual encounters” are all permitted in the personal section.

But now personal ads on the site are no longer available due to the passage of the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act (SESTA), which removes Section 230 safe harbors for interactive services knowingly involved in illegal sex trafficking, Craigslist in the United States decided to cancel “Personals” section on March 22, 2018. According to the service, it was stated that “The US Congress recently passed HR 1865, or “FOSTA,” which aims to hold websites accountable for third parties’ (users’) illegal use of online personals.

With this, the Craiglist team posted, saying, “Any tool or service can be misused. We can’t take such a risk without jeopardizing all our other services, so we are regretfully taking craigslist personals offline. To the millions of spouses, partners, and couples who met through craigslist, we wish you every happiness!”

According to the image above, the Craigslist list gets about 33k monthly viewers. Another study also places Craigslist with 250.4 million subscribers per month.

People still use it as a user on quora stated, “Craigslist is still a great place to find local items, and it’s easy to find something used or refurbished if you know what to look for. But I think that many people think Craigslist is a kind of black market where you can buy anything without any questions asked, but that’s not true. There are some laws about using the site in many states!

If you’re looking for something specific, like an old computer or vintage books, then Craigslist might be a good place to start. But there are tons of other places where you can get exactly what you want—and there are also lots of ways to use the Internet to find products and services that are right for your needs.

People still use Craigslist to buy and sell, but it’s not as shady as it used to be.”

What is Craigslist Personal All about?

Craigslist personal was mainly used by people to find a free space to explore different options to meet new people and have sex. Presently, people are looking for better new craigslist Personals alternatives as Craigslist has failed to adapt to market changes as they do not have legitimate ads. It is said that Craiglist is now full of scammers and people who use fake products to pull you into entering websites you don’t intend to visit.

There are already better smartphone apps you can use to get products everywhere around the world. Since Craiglist personnel has been shut down, people have been looking for alternatives to dating, meeting new people, and hooking up. It was also a safe place for plus-size individuals to find other people and meet up. However, when Craigslist personals got canceled, people then proceeded to search for craigslist personals alternatives.

new craigslist personals alternative

WooPlus then came to light in 2015 as it was a dating site for people who are plus size; it is currently tagged as the best new craigslist Personals alternative. Neil Raman found it due to seeing his sister struggle with her weight and appearance when dating.

Since WooPlus’s launched in 2015, more than 7 million curvy singles have signed up. There are 476 thousand active users and 3 million mutual matches (they have liked a member, and the member has liked them back). Both Apple iOS and Google Android users can download this dating app.

For individuals searching for BBW or BHM, WooPlus is a great craigslist Personals alternatives app for them because they can fully and safely flaunt themselves without being body-shamed or shunned.

10 New Craigslist Personals Alternative Websites in 2022

Now we will introduce you to the new Craigslist Personal alternatives so you can resume your Craigslist dating because we know how difficult it is to find relationships without emotional attachment.

The new craigslist personal alternatives apps and website we list below are the best for you.

Craigslist Community

As a new craigslist personals alternatives, the Craigslist community has been another better way for people to meet each other. However, this website is against any notion of sex. This craigslist personals alternative platform is still viable for finding casual dates because it is free and provides access to a huge range of diverse content.

By looking through the personal ads on your local Craigslist Community notice boards, you can learn about many interesting things, including Craigslist hookups. The best feature of this platform is its ability to introduce you to people in your area, allowing you to develop your connections further.

Monthly Views: 250 million


BeNaughty is another verified new craigslist personals alternative.

It has always been a reliable resource for those looking to hook up for a quick sexual encounter. As a craigslist personal alternative, its dating service has many members from English-speaking nations like the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. BeNaughty.com is expected to receive more than 13.3 million visitors annually from all over the world, and 40,000 new members sign up weekly.

Monthly Views: 13.3 million


This is also one the best on the list of new craigslist personals alternative. Doublelist should be your first choice if you’re looking for casual encounters and hookups with people of all sexual orientations. It is a great option to replace Craigslist as it has the same use and benefits.

One of the main reasons, Doublelist is on our new craigslist personals alternative list is that it serves as your go-to dating resource for discovering like-minded individuals for everything. For example, from serious dating to hookups and casual sex, as well as education and exploration of all kinds.

The website offers new users a wealth of practical search tools and chat options to ensure they meet the right people.

Monthly Views: 11 million

Reddit Personals

Another impressive platform on the list of new craigslist personals alternative. Here users can meet other people from around the world.

Reddit created a subreddit specifically for online dating called Reddit Personals due to the platform’s enormous user base and abundance of subreddits, each aimed at particular discussions and topics.

Millions of people have access to this online dating subreddit. The subreddit is also known as Redditor for Redditor (R4R), with the vast majority coming from Craigslist Personals. As the platform is hugely popular among younger generations, you can find friends, serious connections, and everything else besides casual dates and hookups.

Monthly Views: 8 billion monthly

Ashely Madison

Every day, thousands of people, including those who are single, in relationships, curious, and just looking to experiment, look for discreet hookups on Ashley Madison. A casual dating site like Ashley Madison always protects your privacy.

This new craigslist personals alternative is a dating service. And it allows married people and those in committed relationships to find compatible partners for extramarital affairs.

Although you can use any other dating site for the same thing, many members on different dating apps and platforms frown upon people looking for casual dates with married and involved members.

Finding someone who accepts and understands your dating choices has proven difficult. It is because hooking up with married people for casual dates and hookups is stigmatized by the online dating community.

Monthly Views: 6.9 million


One of the uncommon dating apps, Kasual, as a part of the new craigslist personals alternative, offers all the benefits of Craigslist Personals while requesting very little in return. The most well-known dating service has been replaced by an app that provides all its benefits without any drawbacks.

You can use the app to find like-minded individuals, interactive interface, simple navigation, and a signup process. This new craigslist personals alternative is a great online dating hub for locating hookups, casual dates, relationships, and more serious dating arrangements, aside from the fact that the app is being marketed as the best substitute for Craigslist Casual Encounters

Monthly Views: 5 million


Yumi is another app on our list of new craigslist Personals alternatives, as it represents an advancement in NSA hookups. A welcoming user interface and simple account creation are just two factors that have drawn users to Yumi. The app chooses a few potential dates at random for you, with whom you can get in touch right away and arrange a meeting if you click. The idea is fairly straightforward and completely anonymous. And the app has a built-in feature that allows you to censor your photos so that your face is hidden.

Monthly Views: 19.2k


On Locanto, as a user, you can post all kinds of different ads. As one of many new craigslist Personals alternatives, there are the standard Long Term Relationship/Dating subsections within it. But more importantly, there is one titled Casual Encounters. You’ll find exactly what you’re looking for there. Adults of all ages, sexual preferences, and some extremely specific kinks.

Monthly Views: 866.7k


Another excellent website on the list of new craigslist Personals alternatives. The app, founded in 2014, allows anyone looking for a date to view the profiles of other users with whom they happen (see what they did there) to have crossed paths. Users can then choose whether to chat with that person or move on.

Monthly Views: 1.6million

Casual X

CasualX is an app for people who are not looking for a relationship but prefer a more casual experience. This app, on the list of new craigslist Personals alternatives, appeared in 2017. It bills itself as “Tinder minus marriage-minded daters,” which means that even if Craigslist personals are no longer available. And you can still find people in your area looking for a quick fling.

Monthly Views: 11.2k

What Can I Use Instead of Personals on Craigslist?

Above are the most recommended new craigslist Personals alternatives. They are as effective as the original and you can also use them to achieve different aims. For example,WooPlus is one of the best as it is fit for people with different body sizes and shapes. Different websites can draw your interest, like Casual X, Happn, Reddit Personal, and so on.

Does Craigslist Not Have Personals Anymore?

The Craigslist in the United States decided to cancel “Personals” section on March 22, 2018. They do not have personals anymore, as it was scrapped in 2018 due to the rampant sexual human trafficking and website issues.

To help you, we have listed out new craigslist Personals alternatives. And you can use to your satisfaction without having to worry about judgments or queries from other people. It is also best to open yourself to new things to lay a safe and comfortable atmosphere for new people and friends.