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    10 New Craigslist Dating Sites/Apps in 2023

    by Becky

    Have you heard about Craigslist Personals dating?

    When we talk about Craigslist personals, we find it is one of the most widely used sites for finding dates and having sex.

    What you will know in this article:

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    Craigslist Personals Shut Down

    Craigslist Personals has to be closed
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    Although the Personals section is treated as a dating community, now it’s no longer available due to the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act (SESTA), which removes Section 230 safe harbors for interactive services knowingly involved in illegal sex trafficking.

    So Craigslist in the United States decided to cancel “Personals” section on March 22, 2018.

    All things are caused by the US Congress recently passed HR 1865, or “FOSTA,” which aims to hold websites accountable for third parties’ (users’) illegal use of online personals.

    With this, the Craigslist team said:

    Any tool or service can be misused. We can’t take such a risk without jeopardizing all our other services, so we are regretfully taking craigslist personals offline. To the millions of spouses, partners, and couples who met through craigslist, we wish you every happiness!

    Craigslist Personals Dating Alternatives

    Since Craigslist personals has been shut down, people have been looking for alternatives of dating, meeting new people, and hooking up.

    So Where you can go and proceed with online dating?

    Here is my answer:

    Then Joining Dating Sites/Apps!

    10 New Craigslist Personals Alternative Sites in 2023

    Now that you know the background of Craigslist Personals shutting, we will introduce you to the 10 new Craigslist Personals alternatives sites/apps.

    We list those sites/apps below, and rank them from the best choice to worthy to try:

    WooPlus Dating

    new craigslist personals alternative
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    We tagged WooPlus the best new Craigslist Personals dating alternative.

    Since WooPlus launched in 2015, more than 8 million curvy singles have joined. And many of user are even former Craigslist Personals members.

    So they gather here and enjoy dating trips, and their high praise and recommendation make WooPlus the best Craigslist Personals alternative.

    Besides, for BBW or BHM chasers, WooPlus is a great craigslist Personals alternatives app to date safely without body-shamed.

    Craigslist Community

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    Craigslist Community has been another better way for people to meet each other. This craigslist personals alternative platform is still viable for finding casual dates because it is free and provides access to a huge range of diverse content.

    The best feature of this site is its ability to introduce you to people in your area, allowing you to develop your connections further.

    However, this site is against any notion of sex.

    • Annual Visitors: 250 million

    Be Naughty

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    Be Naughty is a reliable platform for ppl looking hookup or a quick encounters.

    It is expected to receive more than 13.3 million visitors annually from all over the world, and 40,000 new members sign up weekly.

    Annual Visitors: 13.3 million


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    This is also one the best on the list of new craigslist personals alternative.

    One of the reasons is that Doublelist serves as a go-to dating site for matching like-minded persons.

    This site offers new users a wealth of practical search tools and chat options to ensure they meet a right people.

    Monthly Views: 11 million

    Reddit Personals

    Another impressive site is Reddit. Because Users here can meet other people from anywhere.

    Millions of people gather many online dating subreddit. And the subreddit is a vast majority “reserve” for Craigslist Personals users.

    Monthly Views: 8 billion monthly

    Ashely Madison

    Every day, thousands of people, including those who are single, in relationships, curious, and just looking to experiment, look for discreet hookups on Ashley Madison. So Ashley Madison always is a good start.

    Finding someone who accepts and understands your dating choices is difficult, but Ashely may surprise you.

    Monthly Views: 6.9 million


    Kasual is a new craigslist personals alternative.

    Users can find like-minded dates, simple navigation, and brief signup process.

    So this craigslist personals alternative is a nice online dating hub for locating hookups, casual dates, relationships, or more relationships

    Monthly Views: 5 million


    Yumi is another app on our list of new craigslist Personals alternatives, as it represents an advancement in NSA hookups.

    The app chooses a few potential dates at random for you, with whom you can get in touch right away and arrange a meeting if you click. Besides, the idea is fairly straightforward and completely anonymous.

    Monthly Views: 19.2k


    As a good new craigslist Personals alternatives, you can post different ads on Locanto. Thus, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.

    Monthly Views: 866.7k


    Another nice site on our new craigslist Personals alternatives list is Happn.

    It allows us looking for a date by viewing the profiles of other users with whom they happen, or see what they did.

    Monthly Views: 1.6million


    What Can I Use Instead of Personals on Craigslist?

    Above are the most recommended new craigslist Personals alternatives. They are as effective as the original and you can also use them to achieve different aims.

    Does Craigslist Not Have Personals Anymore?

    The Craigslist in the United States decided to cancel “Personals” section on March 22, 2018 due to the rampant sexual human trafficking and site issues.

    To help you, we have listed out new craigslist Personals alternatives. And you can use to your satisfaction without having to worry about judgments or queries from other people.

    It is also best to open yourself to new things to lay a safe and comfortable atmosphere for new people and friends.