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    New York Comic Con: Valiant Comic’s Only Plus-Size Female Superhero, Faith

    by Ellie

    plus size hero-faith comic
    ‘Faith’Valiant Entertainment Inc.

    Valiant Comic’s Superhero, Faith, has broken a number of barriers in her life, and is urging her fans to do the same. She is a special person, someone with whom millions of women can readily connect. That’s because she is a plus size comic superhero, and this makes her more real, despite her psionic powers. After the resurrection of the Valiant Comic series, they have revived Faith, albeit giving her a huge boost in confidence. Yes, she is getting her own comic miniseries now, and Jody Houser has been brought in to pen her story. This development immediately brought limelight on Houser at the recent New York Comic Con, where she found herself answering endless questions from the plus size comic superhero’s fans.

    Faith’s revival has been nothing short of revolutionary. She had never had a solo act. She was always either accompanied by another superhero, or was working in a team. But, this time, she has grown to be on her own. This is not the only change for the plus size comic superhero. She likes to be recognized by her new name, Zephyr, now. She will not be dealing with petty everyday crimes either. This time she is fighting full blown extraterrestrial invasions. This poses a challenge for Jody Houser, who has taken it up most enthusiastically. Speaking about the character, Houser said, “When one character has to represent a whole huge group of people, it’s special”. Clearly, Houser knows what Faith (or Zephyr) means to the fans, as she is the only superhero with a body type that breaks away from the traditional superhero image, and actually reflects the masses. This is a significant diversion, since, almost all superheroes in the comics are modelled on one particular body type.

    The fascination of her fans with Zephyr is easily understandable, and it is not limited to her plus size only. Zephyr, quite like her fans, is a huge fan of comic superheroes, and draws a lot of inspiration from them. Moreover, she is a geek, and enjoys a huge fan base among fellow geeks as well, particularly among females. Judy Houser explains that as Faith grows into Zephyr, she will be more confident and will take on bigger tasks. Zephyr has a clear idea of what she, as a superhero should be. She loves sci-fi and fantasy, and enjoys sex. She is absolutely comfortable with what she is, and doesn’t allow doubts to “weigh” her down. This plus size comic superhero is naturally charismatic, and an inspiring person, who has for quite some time now, helped many women overcome their shyness, and be comfortable with themselves.

    Houser’s sneak peek into what Zephyr will turn into, isn’t without its share of naughtiness. She has hinted that the beloved plus size comic superhero might do some kissing in the new issue. Sounds like fun!

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