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    Jes Baker’s Self-empowering Things No One will Tell Fat Girls, Is Here!

    by Ellie

    Things No One will Tell Fat Girls is a self-binding proclamation of self-acceptance for ages and sizes, written by seasoned blogger (among other things), Jes Baker. This book is an “all hands on deck” call to people of every age group and every demographic as what she calls, a handbook of “unapologetic living.”

    Baker calls people everywhere to embrace their body and look at it with a positive view. Her book is all about changing one’s own perceptions about their weight and improving their mental health.

    A Resource-Rich, Thought Provoking, and Powerful Book

    Just a look at Jes Baker’s Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls is that her stirring manifesto is a very funny one, while having a strong undertone that highlights how one should embrace a body-positive view of themselves as it is supposed to increase ones self-worth. In interviews, she has often explained that her book is aimed at telling women of all ages that no one should be able to put them down.

    The book is Baker’s take on fat women after her various experiences with viral campaigns that talk about what is considered to be attractive and what is considered to be fat, which she claims should be the combination of both. She has also called out Abercrombie & Fitch fat shaming people who aren’t “perfect” also and suggests hotlines, websites, books, and blogs for anyone, of any gender, who’s fed up of living a life of self-loathing.

    But what is wrong with being in shape, this is what some people want to know?

    Baker’s Mantra of Self-Confidence for Plus Sized People

    Jes Baker’s strong message encourages women to be proud of their looks irrespective of the various social pressures that surround body image. She particularly mentions that ‘fat people’ should insist on doing the things that others discourage them from doing.

    Whether its wearing a bikini or riding a bike, Jes Baker really gets her message of self-encouragement through, with equally strong essays from various guest authors, including Shanna Kattari’s ‘Body Love and Disabilities: Intersections of Identity’ by, and ‘The Case for Male Fatshion,’ courtesy of Bruce Sturgell. Recently, American plus size model Tess Holiday endorsed the book as a statement of empowerment for people of all sizes.

    Rick with a Personal Touch

    Baker shares her own personal experiences that were analyzed along with in-depth research, which she presents in an easy to digest and empowering manner. Her book is an open invitation to reject negativity such as weight prejudice, body-shaming, etc., from the hands of people and the media. She hopes that her book gains the momentum it needs to alter the course of millions of self-loathing females, and even men. So, if you’re a person with a body complex, this book is definitely for you.

    More about Jes Baker

    Jes Baker is a professional mental health, master baker (no pun intended), art major, fat model, and crazy cat woman. She is an avid blogger at “The Militant Baker,” where visitors can read about her latest body-positive projects, including The Body Love Conference and Things no one Tells Fat Girls. Baker has also published a number of other books, which include “It’s Possible to Love Your Body”, and “You Can Train Your Brain to Play Nice”.