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    Philly Naked Bike Ride Calls Positive Attitude on Body

    by Ellie

    If you walked on the street on Saturday and suddenly found hundreds of naked bikers passing you, don’t be scared, you just met the Philly Naked Bike Ride.( Click here to know more about naked bike ride.)

    On 29th, many naked bikers came to Philadelphia for the annual Philly Naked Bike Ride. Those bicyclists met at Drexel park in University City in order to celebrate the 7th anniversary. Those people were painted or stripped down to their birthday suits to call people’s positive attitude on body, promote fuel-conscious consumption and so on.

    Philly Naked Bike Ride started at 3 pm at Drexel Park and then crossed over the Walnut Street Bridge, Center Park, Rittenhouse Square and finally ended at Jefferson Square. This routine lasted 19 kilometers and one of the rider said:”This is not the first time I came here, in fact, I love this ride. We can learn a lot from this.” By saying this, he showed us the words on his back: Love Yourself.