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Big Beautiful Women, Plus Size Celebrities’ Love Stories: Ashley Graham

by Becky

plus size model ashley graham and Justin Ervin
image source: newsusauk.com

Odds are you have heard of plus size celebrity at least once, as the model as made headlines after being signed to her first modeling agency, Wilhelmina Models. Her popularity continued to escalate when she signed on as a Layne Bryant model in 2010- the same year that her love story with Justin Ervin went to the next level: getting engaged.

What may come as a surprise to fans? In a 2015 interview with People, Graham opened up about giving up sex before marriage. She did it to allow her to reclaim her body for herself and as a form of empowerment. She did not want to have a man deciding what was going to happen with her body- that was a decision for her, and nobody else. That is likely what makes her Layne Bryant campaign so powerful; the company is all about empowering women to own up to their bodies and embrace them, regardless of their size.

She wants women to know that there is no reason for them to hide or be ashamed of what they look like. In her words “Curves and confidence make a sexy combination!” If a woman can learn to embrace their body and love themselves for how they look, it can change everything. Graham hopes that women see what she is doing and has accomplished and feels empowered to follow her example. This self-love is part of what attracted husband Justin Ervin.

When talking about her love story with Ervin, Graham had nothing but good things to say about the videographer she had met over a year ago at church. She told People that though they came from different backgrounds, they actually have a great deal in common in terms of religion and family. After proposing while recording an episode of their video diaries, Ervin admitted that Graham is the curviest girl he has ever been with, but he loves her a lot.

In an interview of his own, Erwin told Labeling Men that he and Graham have collaborated on a number of projects, both for her and himself. He enjoys hearing her input on projects, saying that she has a good eye for composition, lighting, and even editing- making her the perfect confidant for him. Being that Graham is a plus size celebrity, Ervin admitted it can be difficult to get time together, but he is completely understanding and they try had to make the most of it. What matters most in the end, according to Ervin, is supporting each others’ goals and aspirations.

Graham and Ervin’s love story is one every woman, and man, hopes for to some extent. To have something like that, though, you have to take a page from Graham’s book: love yourself first, and then the romance will follow. Graham has continued to find success as a plus size celebrity model and has become the first plus-size model to be featured on the coveted Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition in 2016, showing just how much the world of models seems to be changing.

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