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    Online Dating Advice for Dating as a Plus-Sized Woman

    by Ellie

    In this time and age, online dating can serve as a platform for finding potential romantic partners for serious relationships or just casual hookups. There are extensive dating applications readily accessible to everyone, like Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid, Hinge, WooPlus and many others. A whole new perspective on online dating has opened up; they go way beyond just finding a lifelong partner.

    However, as a plus-sized woman, there may be many more challenges and difficulties when it comes to online dating. It is hence important for individuals to utilize these dating applications as a way to build their meaningful relationships.

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    When online dating, block out the insecurities about being plus size

    “Do I look bigger than my usual self in this photo?”

    “Will he still want to hang out with me if he sees me in real life?”

    Thoughts like these will not only prevent you from having fun on these dating applications but will also debilitate you from being the best version of yourself! Stop having these self-destructive thoughts that relentlessly pop up in your head. They will prevent you from wanting to meet new people that match with you on these dating platforms.

    Make a conscious effort to ignore these voices and force yourself to change them into positive ones. Instead of starting to spiral and falling into a bottomless pit of self-loathe and torment.

    You will find someone who appreciates you for who you are, regardless of your body shape or appearance. More often than not, when people match with you on these apps, they are already attracted to you. Be it your smile, your quirky biography, or your voluptuous figure. Start looking past your own perceived “flaws” and just have fun!

    Individuals should let loose and enjoy the process of swiping people on Tinder and engaging in meaningful conversations. Block out your inner voice my girl. Then you will realize that there are so many people out there who are genuinely interested in you as a person.

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    Photo by AllGo – An App For Plus Size People on Unsplash

    Get rid of anyone on dating apps who engages in body shaming

    Now there are many individuals online who are all about embracing body types and are full of positivity and kindness. But it is also quite common to chance upon a small handful of people who lack respect and enjoy commenting on others’ appearances and body types.

    Internal criticism is damaging in affecting your confidence. You do not need the extra negativity by subjecting yourself to more body shaming from outsiders. These individuals often lack the tact and respect for women or men, giving no thought to whatever they are saying.

    When people find themselves in these situations, they tend to constantly provide explanations to the way that they look and dress, in the hopes of missing out on their chance to find their “soul mate”.

    However, these individuals fail to realize that their soul mate will never be one to criticize and give insensitive suggestions. Plus-sized women should never have to put themselves through any situation that makes them feel embarrassed for the way that they look.

    Instead, women should actively unmatch these entitled people and get rid of the negative emotions. Allowing the person to constantly stay visible on your chat page will only continuously cause your confidence to plummet. Getting rid of them will naturally make you feel better.

    Regardless of how confident one is, such situations will undeniably cause a sting. These instances should never allow you to waver on your self-love, but should instead serve as reminders that you are the boss and no one should ever tell you what to do.

    Be mindful of falling prey to a fetishization

    It can be very reassuring and heartwarming when you find someone who embraces you and loves your body. However, there is a fine line between someone who desires your body and someone who obsesses over your weight.

    When you start to realize that your match is asking too many questions about your body type, constantly prompting you to provide the exact number of your weight, and encouraging you to put on more weight, you should start to question the intentions of the other party.

    It may be a surprising fact to you that there are people on dating sites who take advantage of vulnerable plus-sized women. They yearn for validation and use them for their own sexual fetishes. Such people often obsess over larger women and derive personal pleasure from the mere sight of bigger body types.

    It is important to distinguish between someone who is charmed by your figure and someone who is obsessed over a specific physical characteristic of yours. Be mindful of such red flags and get yourself out of the situation as soon as possible when you start to get suspicious. It is better to be safe than sorry! There will be many signs he likes you in a healthier, non-fetishized way.

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