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    Voice of Adele Inspires WooPlus To Add Voice Message

    by Becky

    San Francisco – August 10, 2016 – WooPlus, the leader in plus-sized dating,  hailed as Tinder for curve lovers, has announced that it now offers voice messaging service. With the new voice messaging feature, the app now lets users experience a whole new dimension of potential partners.

    wooplus-dating-app-voice chat

    “I love Adele and her voice is so, so amazing! And, it is her voice that changed my perspective for love and life. So, why not add a voice message feature to WooPlus?” said Neil, CEO of WooPlus. “But when I first put this idea forward, my team did not take it seriously, saying it was apparently a suggestion from a fan, not a CEO. After all, in the current dating market, it seems that all these top apps, like Tinder, Match and Ok Cupid have not yet introduced voice message features. So it is a relatively novel feature.”

    But when WooPlus first introduced the voice message feature to its members, it made so much sense. “I love the voicemail message feature. Very unique and fun!” One user shared his happiness with WooPlus via feedback. “This exciting feature offers people a special way to know their potential dates. Because voices are sexy, and different people respond differently to the sound of a new voice.” Another feedback said.

    “The truth is, the picture may tell lies, but the voice will not,” Neil added. “And in the face-swiping age, we have paid so much attention to profile pictures that we seldom have the time to hear the feelings from the voices inside us, around us. So we hope this feature can offer people another way to create a deeper connection with their dates.” WooPlus is now the first Tinder-style dating app that adds voice.

    Up to now, WooPlus has gained over 100,000 members worldwide since its official launch in Jan. 2016. And the voice message feature is a good way to celebrate the big day.

    For more information visit http://www.wooplus.com/ or contact press@wooplus.com

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