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    Best Picks For Free Plus-Size / BBW Dating Apps (2023)

    by Ellie

    It is time for BBW Singles to Mingle through these plus-size dating apps.

    Hey there, plus-size singles and BBW Singles! We hope the pandemic is treating you right. We really hope you and your loved ones are safe and doing great. So, what is going on at your end? A more apt question we must ask is how your dating life is treating you.

    Introduction: A Time For Plus Size Dating

    At first, we know the pandemic is keeping us all apart. We cannot easily meet or interact with someone. There is fear all around, and most importantly, we have to be responsible. We will get through this.

    However, that does not mean we cannot have a good time. Do not worry because we have got you covered. We have made a list of plus-size( big beautiful women) dating apps. There are notable plus-size dating apps such as WooPlus dating apps, BB People Meet, etc.

    Wait! Are you feeling nervous? Never tried any BBW dating apps or plus-size apps before. Girl! You might not know you’ll be connecting with your soulmate. That is the power of BBW dating apps. You can even share your ideas and thoughts on these apps. They provide you with a safe place to speak your mind.

    Another astounding thing we like about these plus dating apps or BBW dating apps is that you can connect with the BBW community and other BBW singles as well. In this pandemic, you can connect with the BBW community worldwide. This brings in diversity and lets you transcend borders and nations.

    We are excited to share with you my top picks in Free BBW dating apps or plus size dating apps. We have provided you with ratings, reviews, and the best aspects of these apps. Head to the list below for your dream date. We are sure after going through this you will not be one of BBW singles.

    6 Picks of Plus Size Dating App

    WooPlus dating app

    WooPlus, the most famous plus size dating app
    Source: Google

    Here comes my BBW and plus-size favorite dating app on the list. It is literally the best. You can easily download it and start your plus-size dating journey here. WooPlus’ dating culture and mechanism create credibility and visibility.

    Not long after WooPlus’ launch, it got featured by BBC: “WooPlus aims to be Tinder for plus size people”. As the number of users has been increasing, WooPlus got featured in a lot of media including Forbes, Refinery29 UK, and Yahoo. In 2020, Forbes reported that WooPlus takes plus size dating to Europe by doing German localization.

    This app provides you with a safe environment to open up and share your ideas with the BBW community across the world. It comes with exciting features. We have listed them all below:


    • Detailed user profiles——help you to find the best match.
    • Free version available
    • Ice-breaking options and channels
    • User-friendly interface
    • Visually appealing design
    • Fun Interactive modes and options
    • Constant checking and filtration for scammers
    • Fake profiles are removed from time to time
    • Best customer care department

    We regularly use and support this app because it has proved to be free of “fat-shaming.” Because over the course of the past few years in plus size dating, that these platforms can corrode the confidence and dignity of many BBW individuals. It is not always about slender and sleek bodies. You can have a person with a plus-size body and still can have a heart of gold.

    You tell me honestly. Do not you think the same? Should not this be a way of living life? By not judging people by their appearances but by their intention and way of thinking. We all need someone to have the ability to look straight into us and see what we have gone through. We all need someone to give us a shoulder to cry on, to ease our brains. This is the truth. We all need this.

    Although the app is free to use, you can pay a premium amount to enjoy countless features over this app. This premium portal of the app is affordable and lets you access many other important features too. This app propagates positivity and good vibes. These features make WooPlus yet another amazing BBW app.

    When it comes to rating of Woo Plus, it rates 9.1 on DatingRanking.net and has a high visit rate of 9.1 as well.

    When it comes to reviews, Woo Plus has some great reviews.

    One review says, “This app has proved to be viable for plus-sized women and men’s romantic partners.”

    Download your WooPlus here


    BBWCupid is a reliable plus size dating app
    Source: Google

    The next one on our list is good too, you are all Big Beautiful women out there. It is a safe haven for all.


    • Active and high response rate.
    • Message filtration.
    • Free and quick registration.
    • Activity and online status.
    • The most exciting thing about BBW Cupid is that it is completely free.
    • It lets you access thousands of BBW profiles near you with accuracy.
    • The best feature of this app is that it automatically translates your messages into your native language. In this way, BBW Cupid breaks the language barrier.

    What’s more, let us tell you another positive aspect of plus-size dating through BBW Cupid. All you have to do this adjust the settings for this feature to work. Moreover, you can choose your preferred, well-spoken languages and regions as well.

    Also, You can find the right one by adjusting the filters in the search tool. This way, you can reach more refined and apt BBW profiles.

    Download your BBW Cupid here


    Here comes another mark plus size dating app in the game. BBPeopleMeet provides a comfortable and credible platform for BBW singles to Mingle. This app is for all the Big, Beautiful, and self-confident people to interact make friends, and spread love and positivity.

    In addition, the body positivity movement powers the vision of BBPeopleMeet. Let us discuss some features of BBPeopleMeet.


    • Balanced gender ratio
    • User-friendly interface
    • Fraud and threat check
    • Easy sign-up process

    Moreover, the reviews of BBPeopleMeet are speaking for themselves. One review says, “I witnessed my self-confidence increased by using BBPeopleMeet. It just made me love myself more”.

    so, it’s time to get your BBPeopleMeet here.

    Large Friends

    large friend is also a reliable plus size dating app
    Source: Google

    Also, this is also a reliable plus size dating or BBW dating app, with more than 1,000,000 users. Moreover, it has the potential to cover all the BBW Dating perks. Whether it be a serious relationship or be it a one-night stand. Large Friends has got you covered.


    • 1 Million active user benchmark
    • Affordable premium portal
    • User-friendly interface

    When it comes to rating, Large Friends scores a 9 both in quality of profile and customer services at Dating Studio.com.

    Firstly, we came across a good review about large friends. A user says, “I am hooked to this app. It is such a nice platform. I have had some really rewarding experiences. I have met a few lovely ladies through Large friends, and I am really satisfied by the usage and functionality”.

    Secondly, look how cute the name is. Large Friends brings more than conventional dating, hookups, and relationships. It allows you to build a name and socialize with the BBW community. Also, it allows you to talk about and promote body positivity.

    Moreover, Large friends have a huge chunk of active users and a large vetting system. Moreover, this app lets you personalize your profile and preferences.

    Although you can find Canadians and British people on this app. However, in reality, this app is based in the US for its use.

    Click now to head to Large Friends.

    BBW Local Hookups

    a dating app for plus size women
    Source: Google

    Hey there, if you are not in a serious relationship or are interested only in hookups, the BBW Local Hookups app is the one for you.

    Firstly, this app is free from matchmaking, relationship, and dating complexities. If you are horny and just want to heat up things, this is the aptest app for you.

    Secondly, you can go for casual romance as well. This app simplifies the task and gets you straight to the point to bang. This app is an integral addition to the plus size dating app family.

    Finally, it also comes with some exciting features.


    • It is free of cost.
    • All the users are 18+. The app makes sure to verify all the users.
    • It helps you boost confidence.
    • It can actually let you make some great friends.

    To be honest, this BBW app is good among all the hook-up app. The free of cost feature elevates this BBW app to the top. Another add-on thing that we personally drew from this is that you can make some great friends for casual making out.

    So Friends with Benefits! Hell yeah, we are in.

    Also, BBW Local Hookups has a rating of 8.5 out of 10 and 9.5 out of 10 in terms of accessibility on BBW Dating App.org. This is proof that this app is credible enough to get you, someone, to bang.

    So friend, if you find yourself in an urge to hook up, you know where to go. Go straight to BBW Local Hook-ups, find yourself a BBW, and live the fantasy. This is literally the coolest BBW app. After all, you have desires and needs to fulfill. Most importantly, your body needs the warmth of another body. Then why not have it with the complications of a relationship.


    Zoosk, one of the famous plus size dating apps
    Source: Google

    For instance, if you are someone who intends to invest in a great dating experience, Zoosk is a good plus-size dating app you can choose. Also,it is the oldest plus-size dating app in the game. Yes, it is 12 years old and has been on the list of the premier BBW dating apps. What’s better is, it has even ranked on the Next Big List of the Wall Street Journal. Also, it has been featured on Mashable.

    Of course, we can assure you that your investment in this plus-size dating app will bear fruit and is totally worth it. This plus-size dating app offers rational memberships.

    Also, these memberships bring you all the perks. It comes with a fully optimized and functional app, tons of active members, and a safe environment for different people to interact.


    • Flexible in nature
    • 40 million active users
    • It covers 80 countries across the world
    • Affordable in nature
    • Nice Matchmaker functionality
    • 1,600,000 daily logins

    Firstly, Zoosk has one of the most active numbers of clientele transcending a million, this app allows you to know the value of love, friends, and soulmates.

    Secondly, this app is one of the best BBW or plus-size dating apps in the market. In that case, Zoosk reads and values your membership, and it is affordable and worth it to spend for the premium membership.

    Thirdly, Zoosk provides you the filters to reach your potential soulmate or maybe your next hook-up, these filters work so accurately, Zoosk also allows connecting with people across the nations.

    So, this mainstream app has a rating to flaunt. what’s great about it is the app has a rating of 4 out of 5 and a signup rating of 4.5 out of 5 at Dating Scout.com.Which makes it ultimately an all-time favorite BBW and plus size dating app.

    Your Zoosk is here!

    The Significance of Plus Size Dating Apps

    In a word, these are our top picks of BBW or plus size dating apps, which allow you to celebrate your true self without the fear of any judgment and to practice self-love and value. Most importantly, these apps have also contributed a lot to women’s empowerment and let you connect with like-minded people, also, they can surely help us create a more satiating world for all BBW Goddesses out there.