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    Plus Size Dating Stories

    by Becky

    When it comes to plus size dating, it is not always the easiest thing to do. While it may seem hard to find a guy with an honest interest in dating a plus size woman, that is not always the case. In fact, here are three extremely different, but honest, plus size dating experiences that you may be able to relate to.

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    Sara is a girl who spoke to Cosmopolitan about her experience as a plus size woman who likes dating thin men. She admitted that it was not until she was 23 or 24 that she finally realized that there were thinner men who had a genuine interest in dating plus size girls. During this time she was introduced to sites that catered more to BBW and they helped to further open her eyes and showed her it is possible to find love as a plus size woman. She never let her size hold her back from getting out into the dating scene to dance and flirt with guys she found attractive. She recognizes that men, like women, have their own interest that drives their dating habits, and she does not mind it at all.

    YouTube user Fakebrit decided to use the video platform to send an important message to anyone in the plus size dating scene about a very specific topic: attracting the interest of someone that can be considered a “hot” guy. She admits that when she was younger, she herself had a hard time believing someone that could be considered attractive held a genuine interest in dating her, as a plus size woman. But, that changed as she grew older and she learned to just take a chance and go for it since you never know if they may be the one.

    Another YouTube user, Kimonica, has a fairly cringe-worthy plus size dating experience. She was talking to guys and going out with any that caught her eye, though not looking for anything serious at the time. One man, who she had gone out with before, stood her up one weekend and claimed, later on, he had been with his kids- kids she had not known about and that he apparently did not even want. But, the next time they went out she found out that the weekend he claimed to be with his kids, he was actually with another woman, who he claims became too clingy so he “cut her off.” She goes on to detail everything else he said, particularly about his children, and could not help but laugh at the absurdness of it all.

    Women who are in the plus size dating scene have all sorts of experiences, ranging from the good to the crazy, just like any other woman. While size may make finding truly interested guys a little more difficult, it does not mean they give up or settle for a guy who will not truly love them. When you open yourself up to guys, you may be surprised at who you will find- it may be Mr. Right, it may not be. You just never know.

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