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    How Do Plus Size Singles Survive This Incoming Holiday Season?

    by Ellie

    As anyone else does, of course! It does not matter whether you are plus size singles or you are a size two. Your size simply does not determine whether or not your holiday season will be fabulous or depressing.

    As the holiday season approaches plus size singles and everyone else is busy planning to celebrate with family, having parties, meal ideas or what gift to get who.

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    Don’t allow others to determine your mood.

    Plus Size Singles don’t allow anyone to determine your mood, especially with the incoming holiday season. Around this time persons tend to get emotional for whatever reason and so you must be prepared to accept that even with the best of plans you make to safeguard your own emotions that the unexpected does happen. However, you will only be depressed if you allow yourself to fall into that state of mind.

    Make it special.

    Make this one special for you. Plan for the holiday season. Plus size singles deserve to have fun too right? Make a connection with the dating app if that is what you desire but, keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with being single during holidays.

    Take Time-out for yourself.

    Pamper yourself, and you deserve it.

    Get your hair done, mani-pedi and that facial you’ve been putting off. Then, SPLURGE on that perfect outfit and take the time to find the right shoes that will accentuate it. You’ll turn the heads of family, friends, your significant other or the excellent connection you made using the dating app.

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    Bring lovely gifts.

    While you’re out shopping put some thought into the selection of your gifts. Find out ahead of the holidays the likes and dislikes of persons you will be giving gifts. Take special note if you’re going to be visiting and taking gifts to the family of your significant other.

    Score points wherever you can.

    Score even more points by finding out what you can take whether you’re visiting with family or friends. Whether a fine bottle of wine will suffice or some homemade stuffing. Make yourself available to assist in the preparation of the meal or offer to help in setting up. Don’t be a spectator.

    Let’s be real as plus size singles.

    We do face discrimination in a variety of ways from family, friends and even strangers. You are too fat, you eat too much, or that’s why you are single because you’re too fat and the list goes on and on. Discuss with your significant other before you visit with family whether hours or his what is the plan of action should in case an uncomfortable subject matter arises, how will it be dealt with. Should it be handled by you, him or as a couple.

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    Plan your post-holiday

    The holiday season will pass what plans will you make going forward. Well set aside plans for rest and relaxation. You may have had some experience that you want to erase from your memory or you may just want to start your own holiday traditions. Nothing wrong with doing that.

    Inspire of the low times you might have experienced with family, friends or strangers don’t allow it to interfere with the relationship you have with your family or your significant other.

    Not just survive, You will thrive.

    Plus size singles embrace this incoming holiday season. Plan for it and enjoy it. Remember you don’t have to be alone if you don’t wish to, the dating app is available, make a connection and make this holiday season your most memorable.