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    Plus-Size Styles: A Guide for Curves

    by Harold

    Trendy plus-size styles always catch our eyes.

    Although many online shops are diversity and inclusivity now, plus-size people still have no clue for proper outfits.

    FYI, we found 3 summer trendy styles, and featured many influencers who are shining for their style in this guide.

    What you will find:

    But before started, you should know your body type first. And this curvy body types guide will help know your body better.

    plus-size fashion styles
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    3 Trendy Summer Plus-size Styles


    You may doubt that: As plus-size, could I really be “Barbie”?

    Maybe you should know Plus-Size Barbie first.

    After a flurry of hype, the long-awaited live-action Barbie movie has finally arrived!

    Known as Hollywood’s most anticipated fantasy comedy of the year, it has again taken the fashion world by storm in pink!

    plus-size styles of barbie
    Photo Source: itmustbebunnies

    The director highly restored the daily life of the toy version of Barbie, with dreamlike children’s scenes and details, carefully designed clothing, makeup, and props, looking at all Barbie powder.

    In the movie, Barbie has over 40 sets of clothes, wears glitter on the dance floor, and shops with girlfriends to wear chic suits…

    It perfectly presents Barbie’s fashion attitude and brings her love of pink to the extreme.

    plus-size styles of pink barbie
    Photo Source: prairie.queer

    Wearing pink armor and being the proudest girl, Barbie is the best pink girl in the world!

    Margot Robbie, the lead of Barbie, is often full of powder when promoting the movie.

    According to Google Search Trends, searches related to pink have increased by 9,900% in the past week!

    And Barbiecore visitors have increased by 7,900%!

    barbie's main character
    Photo Source: margotrobbieofficial

    This once made everyone avoid the “death Barbie powder”, with the release of live-action movies, it has become the fashion industry’s most concerned trend – Barbiecore!

    The term “Barbiecore”, as the name suggests, is a fashion style strongly associated with Barbie dolls.

    Besides, it creates a bright and vibrant pink dress with Barbie’s signature bright pink color.

    In the current unique context, it also implies the core of the dress that is infectious and transmits a confident attitude and happiness.

    plus size barbie style
    Photo Source: curlysueblog

    However, as society grows and diversifies, now it is necessary to expand the recognition of Barbie among plus-size people.

    thin barbie and plus size barbie
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    In fact, Barbie’s proud devil figure has brought countless girls lifelong appearance anxiety. Also, Barbie dolls were once Mired in aesthetic deformity controversy.

    In recent years, Mattel has released many colored and plus-sized Barbies. This means that the Barbiecore style will not be limited, and plus-size people can also rein in the Barbiecore style.

    Barbie has never been a defined figure. No matter height, shape, or skin color, everyone can be their own Barbie.


    Bohemian style has a pure and unrestrained style, quickly setting off a retro upsurge and creating a new aesthetic fashion.

    From prints derived from nature to exquisite design details, traditional craftsmanship, and gorgeous floral patterns, the combination of minimalist style and classic Bohemian design is sustainable.

    plus-size styles of bohemian
    Photo Source: easterneclectica

    Bohemian style refers to a style of clothing that retains a certain nomadic character, representing romanticism, folklorism, and liberalization, characterized by bright handmade decorations and rough and heavy fabrics.

    bohemian plus-size styles
    Photo Source: Walmart

    This form of boho looks great on plus-size people. Bohemian style of the big flower pattern romantic elegance, just right high waist cut both to hide the meat and highlight the long legs, beautifully elegant and slightly sexy.

    plus-size styles of boho
    Photo Source: gorditaperonofodonga

    Bohemian style fits plus size because it is all about comfort, confidence, and self-expression. Its clothing is typically loose-fitting and flowy, which can be flattering on all body types.

    It is also often made from natural fabrics, such as cotton, linen, and hemp, which are breathable and comfortable.

    Gothic Style

    The Gothic style originated from the 18th-century literary school of the same name. And, it has dark elements such as death, decay, and curiosity at its core.

    Its supernatural, scary, and slightly romantic characteristics radiate to various fields. Subsequently, it evolves into a unique dark dress style. and even the young generation as a medium of resistance.

    plus-size styles of gothic style
    Photo Source: lia.lebkuchen

    Gothic fashion is often marked by dark makeup, fairy tulle, exaggerated ornaments, etc.

    And the performance in clothing is grandiose and grotesque, decorated with religious ornaments.

    Also, it creates a strong visual beauty that is ethereal and distant.

    plus-size gothic styles
    Photo Source: catplague

    Gothic fashion often has some specific loose-fitting garments, such as maxi dresses, long skirts, and flowy blouses.

    Particularly, these types of garments could conceal any areas of the body that you may be self-conscious about.

    gothic outfit
    Photo Source: Killstar

    Gothic style does not conform to traditional standards of beauty, but it’s a style expressing personalities.

    Obviously, this liberating and empowering plus-size people who are often told they can’t wear certain styles just because of their body type or size.