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    Plus Size Wedding Dress Trends for Curvy Women In 2022

    by Ellie


    Get Married in Plus Size Wedding Dress Style!

    Every bride dreams of looking their absolute best on the day of their wedding. Whether you met your special someone through mutual friends, online dating, or a matchmaker, weddings are a phenomenal milestone in a woman’s life. Hence, it is only fitting that they become the centerpiece of such an important occasion. In the past, there were very limited options for a plus size wedding dress.

    Plus size wedding dress

    Today is different. Fashion is becoming more and more inclusive of all body types and sizes. Modern-day designers are exerting effort in designing and creating  non-traditional wedding dresses. At the same time, plus size wedding dress now have a variety of fabrics and styles capable of fitting curvy brides like a glove.

    Are you a curvy and gorgeous bride looking for more style inspirations for your upcoming wedding? Well, you’re in luck! Here are 10 of the top-rated fashion trends for plus size wedding dress this 2021:

    1. Gold Makes a Bold Statement

    Plus size wedding dress

    Gold may not be the color of the year for 2021, but it continues to make a strong statement—even in a plus size wedding dress. It is a timeless hue that adds instant drama to your bridal gown. It doesn’t have to be the main color of the dress. Just a pop of gold on the beading, bodice, pattern or a sheer fabric over the dress is enough to make a fashionable statement.

    2. Short and Sassy

    Long gowns are a thing of the past. More and more brides are embracing the practical yet iconic appeal of a shorter, ankle, or knee-length plus size wedding dress. It’s the best excuse to show off a pair of cute shoes to go with your dress. Short dresses allow comfortable movement without the need to hold on to the hem of your gown all the time.

    3. Off-shoulder steals the spotlight

    Plus size wedding dress

    Who says a curvy woman can’t rock a little skin-showing in their bridal dress? Nothing says ‘romantic’ better than an off-shoulder, form-fitting gown! Showing off your beautiful neckline instantly draws attention to you, the bride. It is a feminine detail that instantly makes you look like royalty.

    4. Delicate Fabrics Equals Fairytale Fantasy

    Plus size wedding dress

    Do you want to capture enchanting wedding photos? Perhaps a plus size wedding dress with soft, delicate material should help do the trick. Tulle dresses and sheer sleeves add an ethereal touch that suits folkloric wedding themes. 

    Style is not the only key factor in choosing the best plus size wedding dress. Comfort is just as important. Lightweight fabrics are suitable during the summer because they don’t feel heavy on the skin. That means you sweat less and have lower chances of suffering from skin irritation if you happen to be getting married during Summer or Spring.

    5. Sultry Satin

    Plus size wedding dress

    A satin gown exudes timeless beauty and it also makes you look effortlessly sophisticated if that makes sense. The way the fabric flows and sways with movement, and the sultry way it shows off your curves in a way will surely leave your groom speechless and weak at the knees.

    A plus size wedding dress made of satin is an instant head-turner.  It is the perfect mix of daring and confidence. Not all women can wear such a lustrous fabric yet still project the appropriate amount of sexiness (especially on their wedding ceremony). But if you can rock it, then you are sure to impress your guests and make them sing, ‘Hallelujah!’ as you walk down the aisle.

    6. Pleats and Ruffles

    Plus size wedding dress

    Don’t be afraid to don a plus size wedding dress that adds volume to the silhouette, waist, and train. For tamed pleats, go for an A-line skirt to go with your gown. It’s sleek and provides just the right amount of volume. If you want something more dramatic and flowy, ruffles are an excellent go-to design. Ruffles fit feminine aesthetics and a fun vibe to your dress. Some might think that wearing a plus size wedding dress with extra flair and drama to the structure will be unflattering to their body. It all comes down to the choice of fabric, the combination of different textures, and most importantly, the color of the gown. If you want pleats and ruffles on your dress, find one that is made of a lightweight and flowy material. This way, the dress drapes your curves beautifully. In terms of color, don’t be afraid to choose gowns in solid and dark hues such as blue and purple.

    Plain white gowns are a thing of the past, anyway. 

    7. Colors, colors, and more colors

    Plus size wedding dress

    Have you ever seen a fully red plus size wedding dress? How about a black one? Yes, wedding dresses are no longer constrained to the typical, pure white hue. Each bride has a unique personality and preferred style that they want to be conveyed on their gown. If you want a pop of color on your dress, now is the perfect time to push through with it. It can be a shade of baby blue or pink, a nude shade, or a completely eye-catching color block from top to bottom.

    8. Mermaid Silhouette

    Plus size wedding dress

    Do you love Ariel or are you just fascinated by mermaids? Well, an emerging trend in a plus size wedding dress that you will surely love is the mermaid silhouette. It’s a figure-hugging structure that’s flattering for curvy women. You can add a ribbon at the back for a more chic look, or have it constructed with a sleeveless top so that the accentuation is drawn to your body’s beautiful shape.

    9. Halter tops are back

    Plus size wedding dress

    In the past, halter tops were often associated with party outfits and summer dresses. This time, it’s a staple for brides who want movement and a daring detail to their attire. It’s an excellent choice for showing off your flawless arms and shoulders. A plus size wedding dress with a halter top typically has a bareback design to complement the fully covered front, and it suits ladies who are not afraid to show off more skin and feel confident in their bodies.

    10. Sleek sleeves

    Plus size wedding dress

    Long sleeves or ¾ sleeves, both make your plus size wedding dress unique and fashion-forward. Long sleeves create that elegant and demure look, something that is a challenge to pull off without making the bride seem too constrained in the dress. Meanwhile, sleeves that are ¾ in length with a v-shaped back—even on inexpensive plus size dresses—will instantly make you look like a goddess.

    Some essentials to remember

    It is always best to be two steps ahead, especially during an event as important as your wedding. While you go over this list of plus size wedding dress trends, you should also take note of additional essentials to bring on the day of the ceremony. These items should help you in case of an emergency or an unforeseen change in your plans. It will also be handy in preventing any wardrobe malfunctions in your picture-perfect gown.

    An extra phone charger, blotting papers, travel-sized sewing kit, safety pins, mouthwash, deodorant, tissues, and even a pack of period underwear could come in handy, so be sure to pack these with you on your special occasion.

    Body positive in romance

    No matter which style of plus size wedding dress you choose to don on your extra special day, remember to wear it with confidence and happiness. Picture it as the ‘happily ever after’ to your plus size dating life and the ‘once upon a time’ to your life’s biggest and newest chapter. 

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