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    The Relationship Rules Every Guy Being in Love with a BBW Needs to Follow

    by Becky

    There is no perfect relationship. It is hard to keep a relationship because two persons involved have their own specific differences. There are times that each one involved doesn’t want to accept their own attitudes. This post will introduce the relationship rules every guy being in love with BBW should follow.

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    Rule #1 Don’t “fix” her problems

    You may notice that this girl already vents all the problems in her life. It is as if she wants you to be involved on it. Maybe your first reaction is either to empathize with her situation or you may also offer to resolve her issues in life. You can still help her in some other way but don’t ever let yourself be trapped in her situation. You can offer advices and that is enough. She can listen and follow your tips, but she should not rely on you to fix it for her.

    Rule #2 Set Boundaries

    Make her realize that you have limitations. You don’t need to like all things that she likes, too. It is not a way of showing her that you are in love. If she is used to being pampered and you follow her rules while disregarding yours, then you may end up in a relationship which is making her the boss. Worst is, you may tolerate her though you know she is wrong.

    Don’t be afraid to say no. If she can’t accept no as an answer, then think a hundred times if you still need to be a part of that relationship. Make her realize that she doesn’t own you.

    Rule #3 Working Through Your Issues

    Positive script works. Do not be so rude if you are trying to say something to her. You can be calm and say words positively though you already feel disrespected or embarrassed. If you say words in a rude manner, possible result is she won’t listen to you. Nothing can be fixed if you both push your own reasons and say words that may cause fire to lit up more.

    Rule #4 Make time for Other Friends/Activities

    It is not a sin to mingle with your friends. It is not going to be one of the positive relationship rules to stop seeing your them. You still need to be sociable. The company you have with them is different when you are with your girlfriend.

    Rule #5 Don’t Take The Relationship For Granted

    There are guys who stopped doing things they used to do when they wanted to get the girl. To maintain a long-lasting relationship, you can still court her even if you already won her heart. In this way, the sweetness remains.

    Rule #6 If it’s time to move on…

    If you realize that the relationship is not working and it doesn’t cause any good to you, then start to reflect. If you know that you spend all your effort to make it work through the worst things that had happened but nothing still happens, don’t hesitate to decide to move on.