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    Response to Some Doubts That Someone Has About WooPlus

    by Becky

    Earlier, writer Fran Hayden shared some of her thoughts about WooPlus at huffingtonpost.co.uk. In the article, Fran expressed some questions and doubts that she has had about WooPlus. And here we give our answers to these questions and we are willing to discuss them with all of you. Also, any comment or doubt that you may have about WooPlus is welcomed.

    wooplus curvy dating

    1. With WooPlus comparing themselves to Tinder “but without the fat shaming fools” they are unintentionally citing appearance as being the main source for a love interest.

    The only reason that we are explicitly marketing WooPlus as “Tinder for the Plus Size” lies on our goal to solve the problem which Tinder can’t do.

    2. Whilst many relationships are borne out of physical attraction, for women who have spent their whole lives being told that they aren’t attractive, good enough or desirable, it would be unfeasible to expect them to be comfortable with this aesthetic based means of finding a ‘date’.

    As for this question, we thought plus-size blogger COURTNEY MINA has given us her answer with her own experience.

    3. Why aren’t plus-sized men and their love lives being taken into account?

    WooPlus aims to provide a comfortable dating platform for all plus-size singles. Thus, plus size men are our intended users as well.  However, plus sized women tend to be more the focus of cruelty and body-shaming as opposed to their male counter parts. You can check out the following youtube video, which show how different the dating results are as a plus size woman and a plus size man. (The big girl has almost been rejected by all men while no women say no to the big guy.) This is why we put our focus on plus size women.


    3.How do you define ‘admirers’?

    As for the definition of “Admirers”, we have to admit that we cannot describe it in an accurate sentence. If we have to explain it, then we prefer to describe “admirers” as the kind of people who are open-minded about beauty standards, people who really support the value of “#effyourbeautystandards”. Besides, we want to address that WooPlus will shut doors to those who treat bigger girl as an object.

    We have technology that automatically weed out profiles which contain some words related to BBW fetishism. And we will permanently ban those who are reported by our users owing to some disrespecting behaviours. What we want to mention is that we have staffs to deal with users’ feedback and report 24/7 to make sure WooPlus is a pleasant and comfortable dating community.

    4. I for one can say that many of us have not had an issue finding a partner or sustaining a relationship. All of this begs the question: is an app like this really needed, or indeed, wanted?

    Recently, we are getting more than 2,000 registration per day. Also, the community becomes more and more active. You can check out the feature similar to Instagram on WooPlus. There are some new updates every minute from users. They are very comfortable for sharing their photos on WooPlus. It indicates that there should have been a plus size dating app a long time ago.

    5.For although a space for plus-size relationships to blossom might be on the cards – what these people are doing is further encouraging the marginalisation of people with atypical bodies. Segregating plus-size women will only make us retreat from the mainstream once again, but we aren’t going to do that. Categorising us as a specialist brand whilst under the guise of advocating body positivity is not the way to go about supporting the imminent collapse of body shaming, rather integrating us into existing institutions or rather, treating us like everyone else, would be the more favourable option – trust me.

    WooPlus is created because we found that a comfortable dating platform is needed to connect plus size singles and their admirers. People who put forward these critiques just look at the issues on the surface. They have never considered the real need behind WooPlus. And our rapidly growing database has proven that there’s nothing unusual about being attracted to curvy women or men. (Now, WooPlus has gained thousands of users since its launch in Nov. 2015.) The world is changing and the standard of beauty is becoming more diversified, so are people’s needs. It is the same reason why people are demanding more plus-size fashion brands.


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