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    15 Romantic Things To Do For Curvy Girl on Valentine 2023

    by Ellie

    Valentine’s Coming!

    Valentine’s Day is a special holiday for love. Do you have any romantic things to do in 2023?

    But people always put the romantic day to couples only. But it’s 2023, it’s time to make a change! Valentine’s Day should also be single curvy’s day.

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    Love” is the affection for others, and also the admiration for yourself.

    “Love” is magic, it only obeys your feelings. All conditions (whether it is the “ideology” or mainstream “beauty” standards) are useless for love, so your body size or shape does not matter at all.

    So no matter who you are, only if you feel love, you can enjoy this Love’s Day.

    Romantic things to do for couples

    Romantic things to do for singles

    Romantic things to do at home

    Romantic things to do near me

    Romantic things to do after dinner

    What’s Your Plan?

    When we talk about Valentine’s Day plans, I think it’s necessary to know how important to accept yourself.

    Say “NO” to all nonsense, like others’ body shaming, size anxiety, or any other words which make you uncomfortable.

    Just remember that celebrating with confidence is the key to making your Valentine enjoyable and memorable.

    Then let’s back to the title: Do you have any clue about this Valentine? I guess the answer is No, or you won’t read this blog ;D

    Here are 15 romantic ideas and activities that are perfect for both couples and singles. So let’s take a look!

    Romantic Things to do For Couples

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    Couples can enjoy various romantic activities to make their Valentine’s Day special. Here are some ideas:

    1. Dance with him/her: Pick a song for dancing, you can get close to each other and have romantic chemistry.
    2. Play some “couple” games: Some games will improve your bond and make your date night more funny. For example, blindfold each other’s eyes and feed foods (fruits or others), this kind of intimate contact is very suitable for couples
    3. Draw the most impressive scene when you were with him/her: This will remind you of your sweet time.

    Things For Her

    If you just wanna more common intimate, consider these:

    1. Give her a romantic gift: a bouquet of her favorite flowers, some fragrant candles, or a piece of jewelry can all be great options..
    2. Make dinner for her: Cook her favorite meal and show your love is a good and wise choice.
    3. Handmade: You can choose a color that suits her, and then make a unique lipstick just for her.
    4. Care her: Give her a massage, run her a bath, or do something else to show how much you love her.

    Things for Him

    Men love romantic too. And here are some things you can do for your boyfriend or husband:

    1. Give him a gift: A simple gift that he’s been eyeing for a while can be just the thing to make his day.
    2. Dress for him: Put on something sexy for him, or dress up in a way he finds attractive.
    3. Care for him: Company with him, listen to him, or do something else to show how you care about him.

    Romantic Things Idea For Curvy Singles

    Just because you’re single doesn’t mean you can’t have a romantic Valentine’s Day.

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    Here are some romantic things for curvy singles to do:

    1. Enjoy Spa: Treat yourself to a spa day and pamper yourself.
    2. Have a good dinner: Cook a nice meal for yourself or go out to eat with friends.
    3. Date with your single friends: Spend the day with your single friends and have a great time.
    4. Join Singles’ events: Attend a singles event or join a singles group.
    5. Try a romantic encounter: If you’re feeling adventurous, consider trying a romantic encounter (through an app or site)


    Couples can enjoy the V-day 2023 and show their loves to their partners.

    Curvy singles can focus on self-love and body positivity, and can create a memorable and enjoyable day filled with love and happiness.

    Remember, Valentine’s Day is a day to show love and appreciation, whether you’re in a relationship or single.

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    What romantic things couples could do at home?

    Ans: There are plenty of romantic activities to do at home. Like watching movies, playing video games, drinking and talking, cooking a meal together, or simply cuddling up and reading a book.

    How can I find romantic things to do near me?

    Ans: There are many ways to find romantic activities near you. You can start by joining Facebook groups dedicated to local events, checking out Instagram hashtags for inspirations, or with friends and family for this love day. Or if you prefer a romantic match, then you can try to join a dating app and find the one.

    Are there any romantic things to do after dinner?

    Ans: Of course! After dinner, you and your partner can linger over dessert or drinks, go to a bar for a nightcap, go stargazing, play pool, or engage in a handcrafting activity like painting or knitting. The options are endless – just let your imagination guide you!