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10 Best TikTok/IG Sexy Curvy Babes In 2023

by Ellie

Curvy babes have alluring body types characterized by big breasts, a narrow waist, and broad hips. A complete figure is another name for this type of figure. A significant number of famous people have curvy figures.

You will know from this article:

Trendy Curvy Babes In 2023

IG’s Sexy Curvy Babes

Riley Hemson

Photo Source: @rileyj

Riley Hemson began her modeling career in 2015, following a dramatic weight reduction change. She rose to prominence due to her weight loss from 115 kg to 90 kg. 

Riley Hemson shows off her remarkable weight reduction makeover on her healthy chick 101 Instagram account, which has over 469K followers. 

She has modeled for leading apparel companies such as luxurious fitness, FashionNovaCurve, starting boutique, aimn Oceania, gym shark, boohoo, Bambi boutique, Jeune ora, and many more. 

Ashley Graham

Photo Source: @ashleygraham

Ashley Graham, a supermodel, has appeared on the cover of virtually all of the major fashion magazines, has walked in runway shows for designers such as Michael Kors and Prabal Gurung, has shot advertising campaigns for H&M, and has used her platform to advocate for the acceptance of all body types. 

Graham has 12.2 million followers on Instagram alone. Oh, and she has her lingerie, swim, and dress lines in addition to giving a TED Talk, publishing a book and having a TED Talk of her own.

Simone Charles

Photo Source: @simonecharles

Simone has been recognized as one of its body-positive influencers to watch out for, and we couldn’t be more supportive of her commitment to advancing equivalency and diversity in the workplace.

Kate Wasley

Photo Source: @katewas_

As one half of the Instagram duo @any.body co, where she and her friend Georgia Gibbs publish images of themselves to social media to promote body acceptance at any size, Australian model Kate Wasley rose to social media prominence and became well-known for her modeling career. 

After appearing in an issue of Sports Illustrated earlier this year, Kate has gained widespread recognition for her work.

Barbie Ferreira

Photo Source: @barbieferreira

After emailing images of herself to American Apparel, Barbara “Barbie” Ferreira, an American model and former star of the soap opera Euphoria, got her start in the modeling industry. 

Barbie has successfully established herself in the fashion industry and is now recognized as one of the most prominent advocates for body diversity. Additionally, she is a source of inspiration for Selena Gomez’s closest friend, Petra Collins.

TikTok’s Sexy Curvy Babes

Coco Marie

Photo Source: @cocoscurvycloset

Coco Marie is a plus-size fashion and beauty junkie. She dazzles us with her perfect style in every TikTok video and Instagram post, and can we talk about that nail art? Coco Maries’ style is as colorful, vivid, and alluring as her personality.

Alex LaRosa

Photo Source: @missalexlarosa

LaRosa is a model, blogger, and body-positive campaigner. Her self-assurance shines through, complementing her contagious laugh. She believes in self-love and self-care.


Photo Source: @roseybeeme

Rosey attracted our attention on TikTok for her fantastic series on ‘people the media used to deem big who aren’t fat at all.’ Still, we stayed for the adorable costumes, style inspo, and amusing stuff! We adore Rosey’s flirtatious and lively style, and her affinity with all things Fall.

Diana Dares

Photo Source: @diana.dares

Diana of Diana Dares and DARE magazine is trying to remind us all that style does not have a size by sharing her stunning style, suggestions, and busting fashion stereotypes, aka. ‘rules.’ Diana’s innovative films are fantastic.

Denise Mercedes

Photo Source: @denisemmercedes

Denise, the original inventor of #stylehasnosize, became viral with videos showcasing how the same clothing appears in different sizes. 

Denise’s traditionally refined ensembles provide us with beautiful OOTD and style inspiration for any event.

Why are Curvy Babes Popular?

Photo Source: Google

A new movement has just emerged in the world of fashion. The fashion business has historically excluded and looked down upon plus-size and curvy women. Moreover, some qualities of curvy women are:

Attractive and Sexy Shapes

Most males find that women with fuller figures are more alluring to them sexually.

So it’s common for males to prefer women with large breasts and lovely hips. Skinny girls usually do not have such criteria, but ladies with curves seem attractive.


Most males get the impression that a lady who wears an XS is an adolescent. They do not desire a kid but rather a woman who is complete in every meaning of the term.


Curvaceous women frequently project an upbeat and joyful demeanor and give off a constructive vibe. These kinds of ladies typically pique the interest of males. And often, slim women have an eerie appearance, giving the impression that they are perpetually irritated and unfulfilled in their lives.

Careful and Loving

This a fascinating explanation for why guys cannot articulate the phrase, “Well, it’s just so warm, wonderful, and snug beside her.” On the other hand, the stereotype about slim girls is that they are frigid and unyielding.

Kind Heart

Men are convinced that women with curves are warmer, more loving people with deep inner lives. Spending time with a lady like her is always beneficial and pleasurable, but nothing can be said to be “loaded” into skinny ladies.

How to Meet Curvy Babes?

Photo Source: Google

1. Online Dating Sites/Apps

If you’re looking for a date, give plus-size dating apps a go. The ability to avoid being unfairly evaluated due to their looks makes online dating a more comfortable option for many plus-size women interested in dating. 

You need to figure out where to look, do you? There are reviews available that might be of use to you. Plus-size women can showcase their most attractive qualities on dating websites. 

Their finest sides are showcased in the photographs that make up their profiles, and the biographies that accompany them let their stunning personalities shine. 

And as you get to know them more through the talk, your feelings for them will only deepen. These are some applications and websites that are good for curvy dating:


wooplus logo
Photo Source: Google

WooPlus is a popular dating app among the curvy community, and as a result, there are singles in even the most remote locations. We discovered that several of these users were very exceptional. Their bios are rich, their images are stunning, and they appear to have fantastic personalities.


BBWCupid logo
Photo Source: Google

BBWCupid is a popular BBW dating app for plus-size people looking for long-term relationships. We have thousands of active members from all over the United States and the world, so if you’re seeking long-term partnerships with a plus-size lady or colossal man, you’ve come to the correct spot.


largefriends logo
Photo Source: Google

LargeFriends is a dating service designed specifically for plus-sized people searching for a similar date or possibly a long-term commitment.


okcupid logo
Photo Source: Google

OkCupid is the first significant dating service to release an app allowing daters to communicate with matches no matter where they are.

BBW Dating

Photo Source: Google

Overall, the acronym BBW is an online slang phrase that stands for “big beautiful woman,” It is frequently used on dating sites by those looking to date plus-sized or full-figured ladies.

2. Social Media

Social media is a common form of communication, and the internet is frequently how these young women first become acquainted. You will have the opportunity to meet a genuine female and have instant access to any information on her that you might be curious about. 

Therefore, if you want to meet other curvy women, you should sign up for a dating website that caters to your body type.

3. Volunteering Events Or Locations

At public events, attendees are often in a positive frame of mind. They stop here to relax and are happy to start a conversation with random people. You can talk to a curvy woman, choose a good female, and ask her to participate in the competition if you put yourself in this circumstance.

4. Parties & Bars

People have the misconception that women on the street are uninterested in making new friends and that it is hard to find curvy women there who are interested in dating. This is not the case. You may make friends with curvy women at various events, such as parties and bars.

5. Social Circles

Girls have an innate urge to assist others who are in need. You won’t have to worry about using it. If it is a clothes store, you may ask whether this or that ensemble is suitable for you by asking for guidance. Because you could be better at this, you should ask a female working in the store if a particular product is of high enough quality to warrant its purchase. Girls rarely say no to helping out.


Photo Source: Google

Certain males enjoy curvaceous women. Previously, owners of exquisite figures were in high demand. But then the media stepped in and perverted the entire concept of curvy females. 

Of course, attractiveness is important, but it is insufficient to make a happy family. No matter how gorgeous a girl is, her character is crucial. A lovely package can conceal a dark spirit. As a result, always dig deeper.


How could I chat with curvy babes?

Curvy people may use dating apps like WooPlus, LargeFriends, and others to find suitable mates and friends in a secure atmosphere. So dating app is the most straightforward method that requires no additional work.

Do you have any tips for dating curvy babes?

Firstly, you should know some basics about curvy babes(Wiki about Curvy) Then you could try to start dating curvy babes.