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    Spy Review: McCarthy Rules the Plot

    by Ellie

    A comedy woven around the famous Bond theme, Spy is one of the cleverest works in the genre of humor to have hit the screens in recent times. The plot revolves around a CIA agent who has been largely desk-bound but volunteers for a covert operation to permeate into the circles of a deadly arms dealer and save the world from a diabolical disaster. Despite a plot that promises to keep its audience on the edge of their seats, the film is packed with liberal doses of laughter that don’t in the least seem out of place. The film is hilarious not just for the jokes it makes but also for the ones it smartly steers clear of.

    Though the entire cast of film works well together, the real star is Melissa McCarthy( Follow her on Facebook) who plays the role of undercover cop Susan Cooper. She goes from being a timid dowdy-nobody to a confident, polished undercover agent through the course of the film. As part of the undercover operation, Susan, character of McCarthy, does the roles of a cat lady, a salesperson and a divorced mom. Each of these roles offers the perfect plot for situational comedies, which McCarthy pulls off to perfection. She is ridiculed, mocked and made fun of in the oh-so-sophisticated Paris for being uncouth, plain and unfashionable. She rules every scene that she is a part of and is truly beyond hilarious. Her manifestation of Susan Cooper could well be classified as one of her best after her performances in film Bridesmaid and sitcom Mike and Molly.

    While character of McCarthy is the butt of many jokes in the film, none of them are about her weight. And this isn’t a one-off incident where the actor has managed to pull off a great comic role without any jokes about her body size and weight. This is what sets McCarthy apart from others in her league. She is not only comfortable in her own skin but has also never reduced her plus-size body to an object of self-ridicule in order to earn some quick fame.

    The approach of McCarthy toward her body and apparent sense of self-love holds a lesson all the plus-size people who suffer body-image issues owing to their size(Click here to see more image issue about plus size). If you treat yourself right and focus on your skills, your size will never be a hindrance on the road to success.