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    5 Popular SSBBW Dating Sites for SSBBW Singles

    by Becky

    What is SSBBW?

    Why do men like SSBBW?

    Is there any SSBBW dating site for SSBBW?

    5 Popular SSBBW Dating Sites

    What is SSBBW?

    As the words indicate, SSBBW dating sites are such sites that set for SSBBW.

    But what exactly is a SSBBW?

    SSBBW means “Super-Size Big Beautiful Woman” . This is a classification of a woman’s body type based on the weight of a woman. A girl is considered an SSBBW if her weight is between 300 to 600 pounds or what is the same between 140 to 272 kilograms, although this is not always the case. For example, if a woman is very short, but her weight is 290 pounds, she is an SSBBW. This classification is a relationship between weight and height, not just weight.


    According to the YouTube video, SSBBWs are much more taboo in our societies than BBWs, which are much more accepted. It is not uncommon to hear that someone likes BBW; although it is not considered normal, it occurs. But, it is very rare that someone likes SSBBW or at least admits it. It is very sad that women of this weight, which are the perfect type of women for a lot of people, consider that their bodies are not pretty and hide them instead of showing them.

    SSBBW is a minority in percentage terms. They represent between 0.5 to 3 percent of women in the world. BBWs are much more common, although they are still a minority. If you are an SSBBW, you should feel lucky and special. Please be proud of your body!

    Why Do Men Like SSBBW?

    Describe the ideal woman. Is she a brunette or a blonde? Are you petite or tall? Slender or plump?

    Overweight women, or SSBBWs, are ideal for a certain subset of the male population known as “fat admirers” in the scientific community. And according to a new study from the Journal of Sex Research, FAs prefer not only SSBBW dating, but they also find a wider range of body proportions appealing than other males.

    It’s a frequent notion that men want to date thin and attractive women, but this is not always true. In fact, more guys are pursuing larger women because there are numerous advantages to meeting this type of woman. If you’ve ever wondered why men like dating overweight girls, here are some reasons:

    They are Appreciative

    There is a possibility that extra-large women have been mocked or simply feel excluded from society. Men, on the other hand, discover that this works in their favor. SSBBW seeking love understands that their prospects may not be as plentiful as those of a thinner lady. Therefore they relish whatever attention they receive. Men appreciate this as well because smaller women frequently recognize that they may find a new male in the blink of an eye, leaving guys feeling insecure.

    Why Do Men Love Curvy Girls So Much? This will give you the answer.

    SSBBWs are easy to date

    Larger women are more willing to follow men’s ideas for dates. When given the opportunity to express themselves, bigger girls are really full of life. It’s easy for guys to enjoy a date that becomes unique to them, whether you’re searching for an adventure date or simply want to pick a restaurant you adore.

    There is no pressure on men to impress as they would with slim girls. This allows men to unwind and ultimately take things in their stride. It’s a great option for men who are tired of the high expectations of thinner females because SSBBWs are a lot of fun to date.

    Is there Any SSBBW Dating Site for SSBBW?

    According to google research shown in the screenshot, it is easy to find that BBW dating is more popular than SSBBW dating, as there are up to 8,100 monthly searches for BBW dating, compared to the 1,000 monthly searches for SSBBW dating.

    Many BBW dating sites/apps, like WooPlus, catch the public eye, making it harder to find SSBBW dating sites.

    Although society is immersed in BBW dating sites, you still have a big chance of finding and dating SSBBW on some BBW dating sites. For example, WooPlus, with nearly 7 million users, appeared in 2015 and designed for curvy women or men who like curvy bodies.

    “WooPlus represents a new chapter in the dating culture where physical attraction and hottie alerts can apply to all body types.” according to the datingadvice review, which indicates that you also have a chance of dating SSBBW in WooPlus.

    Since SSBBW dating sites are not easy to find, we have chosen 5 of the best SSBBW dating sites for you to make your search easier.

    5 Popular SSBBW Dating Sites

    Here are five amazing SSBBW dating sites for dating SSBBWs:


    ssbbw dating
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    FatFlirt is an SSBBW dating site that targets fat singles. Suitable for curvaceous women and BBW admirers looking for long-term relationships. It has up to 20,000 users, and 10,000 of them are active every week.

    FatFlirt works by letting its members use the site’s configurable filters to find matching companions. Members can also visit the site’s Like Gallery, where they can explore profiles and select the ones that they are most interested in.

    New members enjoy five free conversations upon registration. Because messaging is a paid feature, this offer is extremely beneficial to first-time users. For a more enhanced and personal dating experience, members can post images and submit them for private viewing.

    Monthly visit: 156.3K


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    This is an open and welcoming SSBBW dating site that welcomes all members of the LGBTQ+ community—hetero/homosexuals, non-binary, and others, and it was published in 2021. It is critical to create an environment devoid of prejudice and hate. As a result, Fatty Chaser portrays itself as a site that is open to anyone and allows visitors to search for various things. Fatty Chaser is a dating site for people who are looking for Big Beautiful People (BBW).

    All uploaded profile images must be manually approved. This is an additional security tool to guarantee that accounts are genuine (not fraudulent) and to remove any ad-based or objectionable content. This means that you will only find genuine folks seeking genuine engagements. Unregistered people cannot view your profile information on this SSBBW dating site. This is done to preserve your privacy and ensure that only persons with whom you want to interact with have access to your information. The price of a premium subscription starts at $59.97.

    Monthly visit: 146.6K


    photo source:Google

    What are your thoughts on the SSBBW Match? Unless you don’t know what SSBBW means, you can tell what it’s about just by looking at the name. SSBBWmatch is a specialist SSBBW dating site for people who wish to meet super-sized big beautiful women (SSBBW), or if you are one, find handsome big guys or average men. It was created in May 2021. As is typical of specialty dating services, you can use the site to find romance, dating, companionship, or make new acquaintances.

    One interesting fact about SSBBW Match is that it has a large and active membership base. Every day, a large number of new members join the site. Because of this, you will have a better chance of meeting possible dating partners through this service. The website may have more women than guys.

    For individuals who want to use the site and its basic features, a free subscription is offered. You may establish a profile, submit photographs, browse other members’ profiles, and receive or send flirts as a free member.

    When you upgrade to Premium membership, you will be able to see all of the features. Simply log in to your free account and then select Upgrade from the navigation bar. You can see the ubscription price list. There is also an auto-renewal feature, which eliminates the need for you to make monthly payments on your own.

    Monthly visit: 11.6K


    dating ssbbw singles
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    Ssbbwdatingsites.org has been online for 5 years and six months. It has a medium page rank of 3.7, indicating that the website has a reasonable number of backlinks. This is an amazing SSBBW dating site where you can find super-sized singles to date. Registration is free, and you can also find some free features after registering. But you will be able to use more features and will enjoy the site more when you subscribe to the premium plan.

    So, if you need an SSBBW dating site to meet plus-size individuals, then this site is a legit option for you.

    Monthly visit: 5K


    ssbbw site
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    Created in 2001, this SSBBW dating site now has over 1.3 million users. If you are a BHM (Big handsome man) or an SSBBW (Super-size big beautiful woman) looking for an SSBBW dating site where you can meet your BBW admires, then you can’t go wrong with SSBBWdating.biz. This site helps super size big beautiful women as well as big handsome men to find friendship, love, and sometimes marriage.

    There are amazing features that members can enjoy on this site, such as first date ideas, daily BBW news, BBW dating tips, etc. SSbbwdating.biz has member verification so that members can find real super-size singles looking for relationships. Registration is free.

    Monthly visit: 5K