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    The Curve Fashion Festival is Now an Anticipated Event

    by Ellie

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    Who says sexy, skinny girls and boys can only walk back and forth on the catwalk? The Curve Fashion Festival is the festival that showcases the sexiness of women no matter what their size is. It allows even the most heavy weight woman to walk with finesse and confidence at the catwalk. These women will be wearing plus sizes dresses to make them realize that they also have the right to be beautiful in their own way.

    Most girls are very much conscious about their figure. They feel like they don’t have the right to wear sexy dresses and skirts. For them, only those who are sexy are allowed to walk down the catwalk with all those curves at the right places. They believe their fantasy of being applauded and look up there in the stage will never come true even in a single day. Well, that fantasy can now turn into reality as The Curve Fashion Festival will soon start to conquer the world with their one-of-a-kind theme.

     The Curve Fashion Festival is a brand new, unique fashion event which all started in UK. In fact, it is set to becoming the largest plus size event in the country.(Click here to know more plus size events.) Starting on the 26th of September in Manchester, you can expect the festival to showcase some of the largest independent retailers and names in high street to trade on the day in the fashion hall ready to dress women size fourteen and up.

    The Curve Fashion Festival revolves around high fashion for all size and shapes. Its trade hall floor will be divided into 4 unique sections which include boutique/designer retailers, online/high street retailers, accessories and bridal section. And guess who will don all of these plus size outfits? It is none other than the big yet gorgeous ladies of the city. Pop up shops will also be set up as well as an exchange hall which will host a tea pop up restaurant and a champagne bar.

    Go and Get Your Tickets Now!

     As early as now, a lot are already anticipating for this great event. Would you like to miss it for the world?  If you wouldn’t like to miss it and if you would like to see how this fashion festival will go, please grab your ticket now. Tickets are very much available online. Go and grab one now to ascertain you’ll never miss it out.

    Sure thing you’ll enjoy this one-of-a-kind festival.  Once you become one of its lucky attendees, you’ll get the chance to shop right in the fashion hall, watch live catwalk shows, meet celebrity guests and go to body confidence seminars.(Know more celebrities who may attend this festival.)All these and more will surely satisfy your eyes as well as your interest. Some of the biggest names in the fashion industry will be coming to talk and be with you. You may never know, they may even share their secrets to being confident and beautiful to you.

    So what are you waiting for? Be a sure attendee of The Curve Fashion Festival right now!