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    The Daily Mail Writer Claims Fat People Should Be Charged More to Fly

    by Becky

    Today, the number of obese or fat people is increasing in any part of the world. This is the reason why there are some issues that arise about charging those plus-sized people more when travelling especially on a plane. This might sound rude to overweight people but this is what the Daily Mail writer expressed who had worse experience flying along with plus-sized people.

    plus size people airplane
    Photo by Gus Ruballo on Unsplash

    According to the report, plus-sized people should be charged more to fly because they say that it is unfair for those thin people who are suffering through the age of the oversized traveler. Thin people felt being squashed by fat people when they fly. In this sense, some people believe that the obese should be required to pay more for the flights since they weigh more.

    Some travelers have experienced finding themselves sandwiched between two large people. Made them feel very uncomfortable. This also made them feel like reaching their destination as fast as they can to avoid the torment from plus-sized people beside them.

    In relation to this, since there are several who have the same flying experience with plus-sized people, there are number of people who agreed to charge more to fly for fat people than those who are thin. They believe that more weight on-board calls for aircraft to take on for more fuel, in order for the airlines not to be criticized for charging by the pound.

    According to the writer, thin people should not be paying for the additional tax for they weigh less than the plus-sized people do. They are to put the blame on plus-sized people though. They believe that plus-sized people should be the ones who need to pay for charges since they are occupying much of the seats and contribute to the pound of the whole plane, thus consuming more fuel.

    However, WooPlus thinks that this proposal is ridiculous and it is even against the humanity. They believe that fat people should be treated equally and should not be discriminated just because they have bigger size and heavier weight. Plus-sized people are paying the right and exact amount charged for an individual person. Their weight or size should not be the basis to whom should be charged more and whom should be charged less.

    Maybe the best remedy is for the airlines to do such modifications to the seats that would cater to every other passengers regardless of their size and weight. This is never a loss for them, for they have been gaining much profit. It is better to improve the service not just for the sake of thin and slim people but also to those fat and overweight people.

    The WooPlus wants only to be fair for the fat people who are also humans. They stand for what they believe what is right. They believe that being fat is never a virus or disease that you should avoid to be with. Nevertheless, whatever the decision of the airlines, they must have considered what might plus-sized people feel and how they will react when they pass the new policy of charging for the flights.

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