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    Top 10 Reasons to Date Big Women

    by Ellie

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    Photo by Drop the Label Movement on Unsplash

    Reals women have curves. It is a sign that they have filled their life to the fullest and packed on a ton of great experiences along the way. Naturally then, they make for great companions. If that’s not a good enough reason to get you to take the road less travelled and date big women(Click here to find a good app to date plus big women)  , we’ll give you ten more.

    No Vanity

    Most women are always obsessing about if they look fat in that red dress, if their hair makes their face look big and so on. And that leaves you in a bit of a fix, if you tell them they don’t look fat, they won’t believe you and if you say they do, it breaks their heart. Dating big women save you the trouble of having to go through these little awkward moments.

    Best Cuddles Ever

    You can hope to have the some of the best cuddles of your life with a plus size woman. She is cushiony all over, curvy at the right places and probably has the skin as soft as a baby’s. All in all, she’s a delight to sleep next to.

    Someone to Enjoy a Hearty Meal With

    Your plus size girl is most likely to be a big foodie. You’ll never have her freak out at the sight of an enormous steak or whine endlessly about taking in too many calories after gorging on her favorite dessert. In her, you’ll find a companion you can share a hearty meal with and enjoy it too.

    All Yours

    The world is full of judgmental pricks who are too obsessed with a girl’s looks to discover the beauty that lies beneath, which is why there aren’t many takers when it comes to big women. Well, that means you won’t have men vying for her attention all the time and looking for an opportunity to steal her away. Being with a big woman means she is all yours, but be sure to not get complacent and take her for granted.

    She has Funny Bone

    A fat girl has to be at the receiving end of a lot of teasing and mean jibes all because she  has packed on a few extra pounds. A lot of plus size women cultivate an incredible sense of humor as a natural defense mechanism against all this negativity. In her, you’ll find a partner who can make you double with laughter over things big and small.

    She Can Handle Her Drinks

    Your plus-size girl has got it what it takes to handle a few extra drinks every now and then without throwing up all over the place or knocking herself out. You can have a time of your life without having to babysit your girl.

    She Can Pick You up When You are Down

    And we mean, literally! If you happen to slip or take a tumble and really hurt yourself in the process, a big woman won’t freak out; she’ll instead give you a hand and help you get back on your feet.

    She Can Arm Wrestle

    Yes, a plus size woman can not only arm wrestle but also kick your ass at it. And she won’t make a big deal if you end up twisting her wrist a little in the process. She’ll probably just return the favor.

    Knows What She is Talking About

    It may be hard for a fat girl to make a lot of friends and so a lot of them turn to books for solace. This means your girl is knowledgeable and you can count on her for a meaningful conversation.

    The Perfect Cook

    A big woman is likely to have mastered the art of cooking to satiate her hunger pangs and midnight cravings. What can be better than return home to an elaborate dinner made with oodles of love!

    Big size women are often judged too much for their physical appearances. Once you look beyond the obvious, you may discover a great person who can give you a lasting, meaningful relationship.