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    Plus-Sized Dating Tips – Top Foods You Must Not Order When on a Date

    by Ellie

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    Photo by Andrew Wong on Unsplash

    You’re about to go on a date. Your best plus-sized outfit has been picked. Now, what else do you have to remember? Well, there is still about the subject what food to order, rather, the foods that you must avoid. There are others who claim that the food their dates order matters to them and adds to the impression they have on the person. Hence, to be on the safe side, you want to make sure that you are ordering just the right meals that will leave you a good impression on your date.

    What are the foods you must not order? Here they are:

    Giant, Messy Burgers

    So, perhaps both of you decided to go somewhere where burgers are offered for a start. Of course, the burgers you see being laid out on other patrons’ tables are already a huge temptation. But no, you should order the same thing. You’ve dressed well. You want to look impressive. Ordering something that’s larger than your face will blow up your hard-worked preparation.

    Buffalo Wings

    Buffalo wings are best enjoyed with your hands. Consequently, there’s yet another temptation you will find hard to resist – licking your fingers after finishing a buffalo wing. Also, you want to avoid sporting the glossy orange tint after enjoying the food.

    The Spaghetti!

    Well, they say that this food is part of the basic rules of dating. No spaghetti! Why? That’s simply because many consider this as a romantic deal breaker. There’s nothing wrong in following this rule if you’ll have a nice date in the end.

    Crab or Lobster

    Again, just another scrumptious food you would want to enjoy, but not if front of your date. You want something that will let you enjoy the night while also making you full in the end. Having an order of crab or lobster may be an impressive move, but not when you start consuming them.

    Spicy Food

    It is not advised to order spicy foods for the simple fact that it can lead to you breaking out in a feverish sweat. Not so sexy considering that you’ve prepared just to look good on your date.( Click here to know the #1 dating App)

    Fermented Foods

    Maybe, you are an avid fan of kimchi and other similar fermented foods that it has become a habit for you to order such meals whenever you get the chance. But remember, those foods typically do smell and taste weird. So, why not just settle with seaweed if you really can’t resist them?

    Leafy Salads

    It is a common order when on a date, for women. Although you just want to be on the healthy side for a plus size, it is still a must-avoid order. Why? You don’t want the leafy salad to get between your teeth. To avoid that, and still enjoy a healthy meal, consider grilled vegetable fish.

    Same Food as Your Date

    It’s again one of the basic rules on dating. You may give the reason that you want to be on the safe side, which is fine. The point is that it will still leave a not-so-good impression on you.

    There’s no doubt that the foods listed above are all such temptations. It’s fine to order them as comfort foods on an ordinary day. But, not on a date where you want to impress the person you are with. There are still a lot of times when you can enjoy those foods. Meanwhile, settle for some sexy food to eat. The rule about being yourself while on a date is still a must. As for the food, it is best to take things slowly with it.