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    Top Ten Reasons To Date BHMs

    by Ellie

    plus size dating-bhm holding hands
    Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

    Dating a big handsome man may be many girls’ dream. Why? There we will show you a lot of reasons to date BHMs (big handsome men) and these are the top ten.( Click here to know top 10 reasons to date big women.)

    Makes you look good

    If you date BHMs you look good. You are judged by whom you date and dating a BHM is one way you can stand out above the crowd. Not only will your friends be envious but you will find that the attraction can lead to better business contacts and a better income.

    They are better in bed

    One guarantee of a good time in bed is to date BHMs. Big means big all over and big is definitely better. Dating BHMs is not a guarantee of a perfect sex life but it is one of the best ways to make you love life more enjoyable.


    If you date BHMs you feel a heightened sense of protection. Face it. The world is not a nice place and protection in the form of a person is one way you can remain safe and have a great time anywhere that you go.

    Less personality problems

    When you date BHMs you can almost guarantee yourself that you will experience fewer personality problems with a man. Big men are more confident because they have less to prove in the games that men play between each other.

    Better financial future

    If you date BHMs you can expect to be dating the upper tier of income. The better looking and bigger a man is, is directly related to their success in business. Companies hire good looking athletic types because the man makes the company look good.

    They can do more work

    When you date BHMs you can be sure that you have a guy that can do a lot of the manly work that you would rather not do. Physical size indicates physical strength and part of any relationship that works is a willingness to do something for the significant other.

    Better communication

    BHMs usually have better communication skills because of the positions in business that they hold. When you date BHMs you can expect a higher level of communication because the man has already learned communication skills that most men do not have.

    Less drama

    A BHM is normally much surer of themselves than most men. BHMs know they look good. You should expect less drama when you date BHMs because the man does not need to play those games.

    Easier to control

    BHMs are in general a lot tamer than other men. Tame means they are really softies despite their size. Most big handsome men have a real tender side.(Know more big handsome men.) You date BHMs because they are much easier to manage than a person that needs to prove their superiority all of the time.

    Less chance of physical abuse

    Big handsome men are ranked lowest in crimes of physical abuse against women. Despite the media’s vast supply of incidents involving sports figures abusing women, the majority of BHMs are totally adverse to physical abuse of women. You can date BHMs and have no fear of being hurt.