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    Unique First Date Ideas (Not for Virtual Dating), but Inspirations to Take After the Pandemic

    by Ellie


    Going on a first date can be a nerve-wracking experience because you don’t know what to expect and you have no idea how you will make an impression. Sure, you may have established some chemistry while talking online but meeting for the first time can feel like you’re starting all over again. 

    Fret no more as we’ve gathered some unique first date ideas that suit different types of personalities. You’ll be having too much fun to be nervous.

    For the Fun and Adventurous

    If you establish during your chats that you’re both active and thrill-seeking individuals, then these fun and adventurous workouts will surely keep the chemistry going. 

    Attend a Workout Class

    If you think that looking sweaty in front of your date may not be too hot, think again. By attending a Zumba or a spinning class, you’ll impress your date with your athleticism and down to earth vibe. Plus, some like the idea of doing an activity with other people on their first date instead of traditional coffee or dinner. You can also rely on your workout class to release the much-needed endorphin rush that will surely score a second date. 

    Do Sports Together

    If working out does not work for you, then you can do different sports that allow you to showcase your skills. You can challenge your date at the bowling alley, or you can practice your swings by playing a game of golf. 

    Explore Theme Parks

    Carnival dates are classic. They are never boring, especially when you take your partner on an exhilarating roller coaster ride. Don’t forget to commemorate the moment by buying those cute unguarded pictures at the end of each ride.

    Conquer Rock Climbing

    If you are thinking about bringing your relationship to a new level, try rock climbing for your first date and see where it all goes. When all goes well, you can try bungee jumping on your second date to see if it’s worth the plunge. 

    Watch Hunks the Show

    If you want to see whether your date is worth your time, Hunks the Show events will let you know. See whether they are confident enough to be with you at such a show. If you’re lucky, the show might even set the tone for the rest of your date night. 

    For the Sweet and Romantic

    Some individuals prefer taking it nice and slow for their first dates. These romantic date ideas are perfect for you:

    Watch Live Music

    If you are both music lovers, watching live music can be a real rush. It’s a great way to test whether the two of you can create the perfect harmony. 

    Do a Museum Tour

    If you feel like you want to use your first date as a means to get to know your partner better, then a visit to a museum will allow you to share some sweet time as you share art tidbits and even some questions you’ve been dying to ask your date. 

    Stroll on a Scenic View

    Nothing beats the power of nature. Strolling with your date on a scenic spot is a surefire way to make them feel special and romantic. Just imagine the sun setting as you hold hands and get to know each other. If you are keen on preparing for it, then preparing a picnic with a homemade meal is something that will indeed make an impression

    Explore Your City

    If you live in different cities, then it would be an excellent idea to visit different parts of the city in which your date may not be familiar. Next time, your partner can introduce you to areas in their city that he or she may find interesting. If there is a place where neither of you has yet visited, go there together.  

    Attend a Cooking Class

    Check if your relationship is worth taking to the next level by taking a cooking class. Impress your date with how you can whip up a tasty meal. It may be enough to make him or her think about your future together. 

    Lend a Helping Hand

    Perhaps one of the best ways to impress your date is by helping those in need through volunteer work. There are tons of ways to help your community. This date idea is a good way of practicing your social responsibility and spending an awesome day with your date. Check out charitable groups and institutions in your neighborhood and see how you can be of help. 

    Go on a Breakfast Date

    Breakfast dates are unique as most dates are an afternoon stroll or dinner date. Why not make it different by inviting your date for breakfast. One, it can make your date feel special because you are willing to spend the first hour of your day with him or her. Second, it allows for flexibility. If both of you enjoyed the breakfast, then it’s easier to make other plans for the whole day! If everything goes well, you can even spend an afternoon together playing board games or enjoy an afternoon tea. Going for a breakfast date opens a lot of possibilities. 

    Candlelight Dinner

    Nothing beats the classic. No one will ever forget that person they shared an intimate dinner with. Make your date feel special. Go all out. Reserve a table in a fancy restaurant if you can. If not, then a rooftop candlelight dinner will do. You can even cook a meal if you want to. Dress up for the date and make your date feel your sincerity. 

    First dates can bring a rollercoaster of emotions. While it is nice to impress your date, always remember that the most important thing is for you to be yourself. Never try to be someone else to impress. If you cannot afford a fancy restaurant, then don’t. Honesty and integrity are what make a relationship work. Your goal is to make sure that both of you have fun and that you maintain the online chemistry and connection you’ve established in dating apps


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