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    Vin Diesel Shut Down Body-Shaming via ‘Six-Pack’ Pic

    by Ellie

    The Last Witch Hunter is Vin Diesel’s upcoming supernatural action film directed by Breck Eisner. He stars as an immortal witch hunter who needs to stop a plague from ravaging New York City. While promoting the upcoming film, which to be released on October 23, 2015, Diesel says he got many question regarding his shirtless pictures on the balcony. After being caught in a not-so-flattering moment and has been called out for his “dad bod’, he shut down body-shamers with an epic message, and a totally hot photo.

    It is difficult to deny that the 48-year old actor has an incredible body. So, when the pictures of the Fast and Furious actor showed a quite softer physique than the signature ripped arms and abs of Vin, fans went crazy over his new chubbier dad bod. Only a few days later, he proved all the haters wrong by showing off his true dad bod on his Instagram account, with six-pack abs. He even took the chance of calling out body-shaming. While Vin Diesel was out for a smoke break on his balcony on October 6, in Miami, cameras have caught him without a shirt, showing a little of a belly.

    As soon as he saw the body-shaming reactions that the photo sparked, Diesel has not been scared to shut them right down. On October 11, 2015, he posted a shot with shirt on and included an essential message saying that it has been amazing the response from the journalists who he has been talking to about the last 2 days in New York. He laughed saying that today one wanted to see the dad bod. The last message leaves an excitement and questions to many followers, fans, and haters. He says, “I am wondering if I should show the photo”, and added, “Body-shaming is always wrong. What do you think?”

    Many were already applauding Vin Diesel for his belly, but then the superstar went further, revealing what his dad bod actually looks like. As a continuation from the photo he posted, the second photo just slams the body-shamers with him lifting his shirt up and showing that his 6-pack abs are intact, and proving that he is flab less. Needless to say, it was the ultimate comeback of the action star. In the photo, he says that he will be posting an exclusive video on his Facebook when he is done with the press for the promotion of his upcoming movie. As he promised, Vin Diesel posted a video on his Facebook on October 12, 2015 afternoon. The video is for The Rolling Stone’s “Paint It Black that Ciara covers, featuring a first look into the new film of Vin Diesel, The Last Witch Hunter.

    As the actor gears up for the release of the upcoming film, he clearly prepared to fire back at any haters who would want to put him down. Now that we know Vin Diesel’s personal definition of “dad bod”, he has done a solid job to for shut down his body-shamers.


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