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    We May Be “Fat”, But We Are Not Lazy

    by Becky

    Someone claims that people are fat, because they are lazy,unmotivated and having unhealthy lifestyle. Is that really the case? Of course NO. We are even more active than people with straight sizes. Yes, we may be fat, but we are not lazy. Here are a few plus-size women who could proudly say that “Yes, we are fat but we are not lazy”:

    Krista Henderson, 44
    Needless to say, not a lot of women (including those who have perfectly-shaped body figure) are capable of finishing kilometers of marathon. Well, this is not the case with Krista. Ladies would be ashamed at how fit Krista is, when it comes to athletic activities. She has competed, and times won, in over twenty races. These include indoor rowing, half marathons, and triathlons. Can you just imagine how fun your moments can be with such a sporty lady by your side?

    Valerie Sagun, 28
    If you are a Yoga enthusiast and you have been reading a lot about it online, there is a big possibility that you’ve known about Valerie Sagun. Well guess what? She’s not just the famous “Big Gal Yoga”. This young lady is not ashamed of letting the world know about how beautiful women like her are. As a matter of fact, instead of concealing herself, she did otherwise. Valerie constantly posts photos of her Yoga sessions in her Instagram account. Who would have thought that it’d be a huge hit? But anyway, it is. By doing so, she was able to inspire a lot of people, especially those that belong to the yoga group, to accept all kinds of body types. Additionally, she has inspired thousands of newbies to love yoga. She is very proud of who she is.

    Eda Marbury, 25
    Let’s face it. Whether or not you admit it, pole dancers are irresistibly attractive. This is what plus-size Eda Marbury offers in despite of her actual vital statistics. When it comes to pushing herself for the best and keeping herself active, she’s unbelievable. She’s so active that even other athletic people could not match her strong determination.

    Yes. We are “big” as what the tape measure indicates. We are “heavy” as what the weighing scale shows. However, these instruments are not capable of gauging our strong determination to stay healthy. We might be wearing XXL clothes but we aren’t unhealthy because we often do exercise more than any other people do. With our unwavering commitment for regular physical exercises, we could say that we are even healthier than those who have leaner body figures.

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