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    What Frustrating Moments Do You Have As a Plus Size Shopper?

    by Becky

    Shopping for plus size clothing is always a difficulty, especially for shoppers who have a very specific style that they rely on. As the world becomes more aware of the amount of plus size shoppers, more stores are beginning to diversify their lines, though it is nowhere near perfect and easy to find the right plus size clothes for men and women.

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    Shopping at Select Stores

    The largest frustration that you might experience as a plus size shopper is the fact that there are only certain stores that carry the sizes that you’re able to wear. This means that you may not be able to go into your favorite casual clothing store or professional clothing store and find things that fit. Instead, you have to shop at stores that are specifically designed for plus size shoppers or that offer a plus size section. Since it is still a relatively new concept for stores to carry an array of sizes, it can make shopping much more difficult than it needs to be.

    Having Enough Sizes

    Clothing designers highly underestimate the amount of plus size shoppers that they have browsing through their stores. This causes store managers to order less higher sizes and more of the smaller sizes as they believe most of their shoppers are under the plus size category. Unfortunately this means that there are less plus sizes available and they usually get bought by most of their shoppers in a limited amount of time. Leaving you to browse through a small selection of clothing that is your size but may not be your style.

    Trying Clothes On

    Another frustrating experience is trying clothes on in stores to see if they fit before you bring them home. There are many larger men and women that prefer to not try clothes on in stores and simply bring them home to try them on. Though this can be an inconvenience, especially if the clothes end up being too small or too large, forcing them to return to the store to get their money back. On the other hand, trying clothes on in public can be uncomfortable and emotionally difficult for plus size shoppers. Trying to find the perfect size for your body can be frustrating and particularly difficult, especially if the store doesn’t carry enough of the right plus size items.

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