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    Diverse Beauties: What is Plus-Size Barbie?

    by Ellie

    You will know in this post:

    Barbie Movie is Coming!

    Mattel’s Barbie movie, cast by Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie, is scheduled for July 21. Before its official release, many warm-up marketing campaigns have made everyone can’t wait to see what exciting and meaningful stories it will tell through Barbie.

    Temporarily ignoring the values contained in other Barbie movies, I also found a keyword directly related to the plus-size people – SELF-ACCEPTANCE.

    Nicola, the diplomat Barbie and …

    curvy barbie: diplomat Barbie
    Photo Source: Barbie Movie

    …Sharon, the lawyer Barbie:

    curvy barbie: lawyer barbie
    Photo Source: Barbie Movie

    Through the inclusion of two plus-size Barbie and empowering messages, the movie encourages us to accept our uniqueness and embrace our curves.

    Barbies can do everything, and so do curvy barbies.

    Are there Plus Size Barbies?

    Yes, there are Plus Size Barbies.

    In 2016, Mattel (the company behind Barbie) took a significant step toward inclusivity by launching three new types of Barbie dolls to provide a more diverse range of representation.

    And one of these new dolls is Curvy Barbie, also known as the plus-size Barbie.

    Photo Source: Google

    Why Curvy Barbie Comes Out?

    Because Curvy Barbie is a response to the growing demand for greater diversity and body inclusivity.

    For decades, Barbie had been predominantly portrayed as having an unrealistic and idealized body shape, which led to criticism and concerns regarding body image issues among children and adults alike.

    So in an effort to body-positivity movement, Mattel tries to make changes and the Curvy Barbie is the victory.

    Photo Source: Google

    Why Plus Size Barbie Empowered Body-Positivity?

    That’s because the Curvy Barbie features a more realistic and diverse body shape, representing women who have curvier or fuller figures.

    And the new Barbie also helps the body positivity movement and challenges traditional beauty norms, promoting the idea that beauty comes in different shapes and sizes.

    Photo Source: Google

    The launches of Plus Size Barbies has been sparking conversations about body image and promoting healthy self-esteem among children. These dolls have become valuable tools for parents, educators, and caregivers in teaching children about body positivity, acceptance, and the importance of embracing differences.

    Considering the potential influence of plus-size Barbies is praised, so Time magazine invited curvy Barbies to shoot their covers.

    Photo Source: Time Magazine

    What is curvy barbie?

    The Curvy Barbie, also known as the Plus Size Barbie, is a type of Barbie doll that represents a more realistic and diverse body shape.

    Compare to traditional Barbie, Curvy Barbie is:

    1. Made debut in 2016 as part of a broader effort by Mattel to diversify the Barbie line and promote body positivity.
    2. The representation of fuller and curvier people. It reflects the intention of showcasing a more inclusive range of body shapes and sizes. The use of “curvy”(or “plus size”) highlights and emphasizes the importance of body diversity.
    3. The fuller and more realistic body shape compared to the traditional Barbie dolls. They have a slightly wider waist, fuller hips, and a more curvaceous figure overall.
    Photo Source: Google

    No in 2016, but Yes in 2023! (At least, WooPlus love curvy barbies.)

    Photo Source: Google

    If the real world is utopian like Barbie Word, then the answer is an absolute YES. But actually, it was not successful as we wish:

    It seems like girls expressed hesitation or even resistance to the doll with a curvier physique.

    Because the lack of popularity stemmed from years of exposure to the traditional slender Barbie, which had become deeply ingrained in popular culture and media representations of beauty.

    Photo Source: Google

    Why are girls rejecting the curvy Barbie?

    Firstly, societal beauty standards had long emphasized a slim and idealized body type, leading to a perception that dolls representing fuller figures were less desirable.

    Additionally, the unfamiliarity of seeing a different body shape in Barbie dolls may have caused some girls to reject the new representation.

    It is essential to consider that young girls’ preferences and perceptions are influenced by societal norms and media portrayals, which were primarily dominated by slender body ideals.

    Also, that’s the reason why plus-size Barbie means a lot.

    But, It’s 2023!

    However, in the years since its release, societal attitudes toward body diversity and inclusivity have evolved significantly!

    The beauty industry, fashion brands, and entertainment media have changed their attitudes toward body types/size. And this meaningful cultural shift has created an environment that encourage diversity and promotes positive body.

    Photo Source: Google

    As the world becomes more diverse and inclusive, there has been a growing acceptance and appreciation for the Plus-Size Barbie.

    The conversations surrounding body positivity, representation, and inclusivity have influenced the perceptions of both children and adults: Young girls today are exposed to a wider range of body shapes and sizes, fostering an understanding that beauty comes in various forms.

    Plus-Size Barbie, compared failure in 2016, the landscape has significantly changed in 2023.

    In 2023, Plus-Size Barbies are more popular and accepted, reflecting the evolving understanding that beauty is not confined to a specific body type.

    5 Curvy Barbies Inspirations

    Barbie can do anything, not to mention plus size Barbies who already have a strong heart and confidence after going through so much “aesthetic” judgements.

    When the Barbie movie is officially released, we can’t wait to show our unique beauty to the world, so what kind of barbie-chic would make us SLAY?

    Then look at these plus-size influencers who might inspired us:


    Photo Source: @gabriellalascano


    Photo Source: @isabelnichollsnall


    Photo Source: @zoetowlson


    Photo Source: @iscupino


    Photo Source: @insidefairyscloset

    Let’s Slay!

    Girls can be anything!

    So beautiful and confident curvy Barbies girls, let’s slay the world!

    Healthy curvy women smile together
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