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    What Kills Long-Distance Relationships

    by Ellie

    Nowadays, Long-distance relationships (LDR) have become increasingly prevalent in our globalized society. The demands of work, education, or meeting your partner on dating apps often result in individuals being separated by distance. Thanks to technology like video calls and social media, it’s easier for people to stay in touch, making long-distance relationships more common. Sometimes, people end up in these relationships because of international connections, like studying abroad.

    long-distance relationship

    However, long-distance relationships aren’t always easy, it comes with a set of challenges. This article will explore the causes that may kill your long-distance relationships and tell you some harsh facts about long-distance relationships.

    8 Challenges that may kill your long-distance relationships

    difficult to communicate for long-distance relationships

    1. It is difficult to communicate

    One of the biggest problems for long-distance relationships is communication. Time differences and busy schedules make it hard to talk, and communication between long-distance lovers can only be carried out through phone calls, videos, texts, etc. Not being face-to-face can lead to misunderstandings, which may end up killing your relationships.

    2. Trust concerns

    Being in a long-distance relationship means you can’t always keep tabs on each other’s daily happenings, which can lead to misunderstandings and trust issues. If you don’t talk about it and sort things out in time, these trust issues might escalate and potentially lead to a relationship breakdown.

    3. Feelings of loneliness

    You might have had a moment when there were no family or friends around, and you felt this overwhelming sense of loneliness. Well, that feeling of being all alone is pretty common in long-distance relationships. Especially during certain times, like holidays or important personal events, not having your significant other around can lead to a massive wave of loneliness and sadness. These feelings are a great challenge to long-distance relationships.

    4. Difficulty planning for the future

    When it comes to figuring out the future of a long-distance relationship, things can get a bit tricky. Not being in the same place makes it kind of hard to plan stuff together. You might not have the same goals or a clear idea of where the relationship is heading, and that can make things a bit complicated. If both of you can’t find a way forward or a goal to achieve together for a long time, it will have a huge impact on your relationship.

    5. Emotional pressure

    Being in a long-distance relationship is like juggling work, school, and life, and trying to squeeze in time for your partner. It can be a real balancing act and it puts a lot of pressure on both sides.

    When you’re miles apart for a long time, it starts to mess with your emotions. Expressing yourself and being there for each other becomes a bit like navigating a maze – not impossible, but definitely trickier. It’s tough when you can’t just give a comforting hug or share a laugh in person. If you don’t handle these emotional hurdles well, it could throw a wrench into your relationship.

    6. Facing unknown challenges

    You never really know what life will throw at you. Life is unpredictable, and unexpected events can add additional stress to long-distance relationships. When you’re facing challenges, and you can’t just hop over to your partner’s place for a chat or a shoulder to lean on. The usual ways you’d support each other, like being physically there during the ups and downs, suddenly become this unique kind of struggle.

    7. Lack of intimacy

    One of the tough parts of being in a long-distance relationship is the lack of intimacy. Being close physically is a big deal in any relationship. It’s like this secret sauce that makes things more intimate and builds up that trust vibe. When you’re in love, you need those hugs, kisses, and the warmth of being together. But with the whole long-distance thing, that’s where the problem comes in.

    8. Cheating

    In any relationship, cheating is a fatal mistake, no doubt. It will quickly and thoroughly destroy a long-distance relationship, especially if one partner has remained faithful, he/she will rightfully feel betrayed.

    The partner who made the mistake may have done so only by accident, in a moment of weakness or loneliness, even fueled by alcohol. But it will kill the relationship forever.

    3 Harsh facts about long-distance relationships

    harsh facts about long-distance relationships

    long-distance relationships are challenging relationships. If both partners are not fully prepared, they are very likely to face these cruel realities.

    1. Most people have thoughts of giving up

    As we mentioned above, long-distance relationships are a very challenging type of relationship. They require both partners to put in more effort and patience. In this situation, most people will have thoughts of giving up at some point. And some people even have this thought multiple times. If both partners are unable to overcome these challenges, the thoughts of giving up will become increasingly strong.

    2. Many people will be tempted by others

    In long-distance relationships, partners cannot meet often, which makes them more likely to be attracted to others. If the foundation of their relationship is not solid, they are very likely to be tempted.

    This temptation may come from friends, colleagues around them, or from strangers online. If couples cannot resist temptation, it will lead to the breakdown of their relationship.

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    3. Not satisfied with the other person

    In long-distance relationships, partners cannot fully understand each other’s lives, leading to dissatisfaction.

    This dissatisfaction may be due to the following reasons:

    • The other person’s lifestyle is different from yours.
    • The other person does not meet some of your needs.
    • The other person does not reply to your messages promptly.

    If both partners cannot communicate and resolve these issues on time, it will lead to cracks in the relationship.

    5 methods to make a long distance relationship work

    long-distance lovers

    1. Keep in touch regularly

    Even if you can’t be in touch all the time because of work or school, you can agree on a schedule for how to stay in touch. Some lovers are willing to talk on the phone all the time, while others think that too much contact can be draining. As long as you agree on how often you will chat and how long, both of you will be happy.

    2. Express your love, care, and feelings

    Most of the time, long-distance lovers use their phones to maintain relationships. Because it is not always possible to talk on the phone or video chat frequently, texting has become the main way to communicate. Long-distance couples need to learn how to express their love, care, and emotions through text.

    3. Find things to do together and explore common interests

    You can watch movies, play games, watch TV shows, or participate in online activities together. While each partner is growing independently in their own lives, they need to work together to maintain the relationship. When you find things to do together, it will feel like you are slowly getting closer, even though you are at opposite ends of a line.

    4. Ask questions directly and solve problems together

    Whether you are in a long-distance relationship or not, it is important to learn how to resolve problems healthily. It is most important to resolve problems as soon as possible. If you don’t solve small problems immediately and wait until you meet in person, it is easy to accumulate negative emotions and eventually explode.

    5. Maintain your own life

    Don’t give up your life for a long-distance relationship. It is wrong to focus all your attention on your partner. Your own life is also important. Prioritize your work or school, and then connect with your partner. Your feelings are also important. Don’t put yourself down for your partner.


    Long-distance relationships can be tough. They take extra effort, patience, and a whole lot of trust. Sometimes, despite your best efforts, things might not work out. But when you are reading this article,  at least that means you’re already taking steps to be a pro at navigating the ups and downs of long-distance love.

    This article covered the challenges that can break or kill a long-distance relationship. Besides, you learned about the harsh facts of LDR. And you also discovered some awesome tips to keep your relationship strong. With these efforts and a lot of love, you can make your long-distance relationship thrive!