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    Why Men Love And Hate Dating Big Girls

    by Becky

    When it comes to dating, in general, everyone has their preferences and their reasons for liking what they like, guys especially. While one guy like thinner girls, others prefer big girl dating much more.You may wonder what these guys love about dating big girls? What do they not like? Here are some answers to your questions.

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    It is incredibly important to remember, however, that these are the opinions of just a few men. Every guy has a different reason for loving plus size dating as opposed to other body types out there. Some guys are in it for the wrong reason, though, and these are the kind to always avoid; when they can not openly say how much they love you just the way you are, and encourage you to work out and change your body, it is a sign that he is in love with the idea of what you could be more than anything. That is something you should never settle for, you deserve to be loved just as you are.

    That is where these other guys come in. A guy who is into plus size dating is in it because they love the bodies that bigger girls have. While a girl may be able to pinpoint everything she dislikes about her body, guys that prefer big girl dating only see perfection.

    They also love dating big girls because of their personalities. When a bigger girl has a great personality, a guy is going to take notice and be much more interested in dating her. For them, they want their girl to be honest, to speak their mind, and be incredibly kind.

    But, just as much as these guys love dating girls with great personalities, and as much as they love how beautiful they are, there are some things they do not really like. Guys are not big fans of big girl dating when the girl in question is extremely self-conscious or has self-esteem problems. While they recognize that a girl cannot necessarily help it, they do not want to have to constantly reassure their girlfriend that they find them beautiful and attractive.

    For them, bigger girls should not let the opinions of other people get them down or make them feel worthless. They want to be dating a girl that is confident and happy with who they are and how they look. To them, it just makes a girl even sexier

    When it comes to plus size dating, there are a lot of things guys both love and hate. These are just a few of small examples. What is important to remember is that they do find big girls attractive, so just because they may not like something does not automatically mean they do not like you. If you are a confident, strong, happy, girl with a winning personality, there is o reason why a guy would not be interested in dating and having a long relationship with you. If you want to know a specific guy’s opinion, just have an honest conversation with them about it all.

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