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    4 Reasons Why Big Thighs Can Live Better Lives|2023

    by Ellie

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    Numerous studies have shown that people who are of big thighs typically live longer than those who are thin. According to a Chinese study, women who have an index of 25 to 30 tend to live longer. While those who are physically fit or normal are less likely to be outliving.

    Obese adults were more likely to pass away, especially if their body mass index was 35 or above. Researchers and experts have examined data from around 100 studies involving more than 2.8 million participants. They found that, Overweight people had a 6% lower chance of death than those of normal weight. But obese people had a greater risk of passing away

    Thick Thighs Disturbs

    Excessive Body Shame on Thick Thighs

    The first image that springs to mind when someone mentions big thighs is a woman with plus size thighs. But in reality, people of almost all ages—girls, men, and women—face the daily challenge of having huge thighs. Even if it’s a wonderful thing, having gain weight thighs can occasionally be extremely unsettling and painful.

    There are certain days when you’ll look in the mirror and think, “Damn, I look terrible”. And on certain days, it would be overwhelming with surprise at how attractive you are with such big thighs. If you’ve ever reprimanded or despised your big thighs for their size, there’s a good possibility you may connect to this. Whether in terms of health, appearance, and social attitudes. There are a few problems that women with big thighs encounter in various ways that will be briefly discussed.

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    Health Problem Risks

    About health, it’s not a new thing that women with big thighs have cellulite and stretch marks; rather, it’s just a fact that they always go hand in hand. Similarly, it’s not a requirement that cellulite and stretch marks manifest simultaneously. Your gain weight thighs have small dimples all over them and see indented streaks or a stretch line that].

    You need to quit feeling self-conscious about your thighs now that you’ve spotted the stretch marks and dimples there. Because the way the media has portrayed these marks may have given you the impression that they’re gross. It doesn’t make you any less great or gorgeous because they are common among humans and are simply normal. To see how beautiful your scars are, simply be yourself.

    Accept Thick Thighs

    Your walking gait and posture are some of the issues you deal with personally. There is nothing you can do to prevent your big thighs from rubbing against each other while you are walking.

    You have to walk like someone with a hernia to escape the constant agony caused by your thighs rubbing against one another, which leads to chaffing, many aches, and rashes. Because of all the friction over the years, when this occurs regularly, your inner thighs begin to turn a dark. Making you want to turn off the light whenever you want to change clothes or if someone is approaching you.

    Especially seeing one of your plus size thighs equivalently to two of your friends’ thighs when you sit next to them, which makes you feel uncomfortable.

    Like sitting with your pals and realizing that one of your plus size thighs is equivalent to two of theirs. This horrible feeling creeps over you, which you won’t be able to withstand sometimes.

    For instance, here is an example of what women with big thighs face. When you go out with your friends to a party and the men on the other side begin staring at your plus size thighs as if you were some sort of item, perhaps because their legs are neat corn dogs while yours resemble smoked turkey legs.

    ‘Big Thighs’ Can Be Poisonous, But Not Every Type 

    Despite the enormous pressure from society to appear a specific way and the fact that everyone’s definition of health is different, it is crucial to put your health before aesthetic ideals.

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    Types of Thick Body

    Fruit terminology has been used to define thick body type for a long time since it is the most straightforward way to do it without using formal or scientific jargon.

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    ‘Apple’ and ‘Pear’ are two phrases we use to describe the distribution of fat throughout the body. Mainly around your thighs or your belly.

    They created names like “apple shape” and “pear shape” to describe different thick body type of body fat: upper and lower.

    In the apple shape, the midsection stores more fat than in the hips, buttocks, and thighs which means you store body fat around your middle and often above your waist.

    Due to excess calories, this type of fat storage is common among men, and to eliminate them the best way is using body contouring. They often develop beer bellies which lead to serious health problems because they carry a high degree of visceral fat.

    These people tend to have their waist large or close to equivalent in circumference to their hips like a larger waist-to-hip ratio.

    The consumption of sugary foods and overheating causes upper body fat is a thick body type of fat .

    Distribution Matters

    This is a common concern for people because it is excess fat found around your chest, back, and arms.

    In contrast, women gain weight which is pear-shaped bodies store their fat more in their hips, buttocks, and thighs than in their midsections.

    Researchers found that women often have lower levels of the hormone estrogen and visceral fat. This characteristic has made it known that pear-shaped bodies have always been healthier than apple-shaped bodies.

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    These body types frequently have lower waist-to-hip ratios. Thus indicate that the hips are typically wider than the waist for these individuals.

    The 2019 findings around thick body type (often with thick thighs) including 2,683 postmenopausal women revealed that women who gain weight with pear-shaped bodies, which have more fat in the stomach and less fat in the legs, are less likely to develop heart disease. Pear body types had a lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes and heart disease, regardless of their BMI.

    The astounding finding of the study is that having a pear body type has a risk-reducing effect of up to 40% and a preventive effect against heart disease. 

    Which means your pair of gain weight thighs do save your life!

    Even though being overweight can be hazardous and the less daunting way of removing it is body contouring, you should always know no size fits all.

    BMI Can Hardly Mirror Your Thighs

    Based on the research, it established the body mass index has restrictions and produces varied results for individuals of various racial groups, sizes, body types, living conditions, and eating preferences. Even though obesity can be dangerous and frequently has positive effects, you shouldn’t let this put you down or disqualify you from the race because no size fits all.

    *Body Fat Measurement Chart

    Body mass index vs. body fat percentage
It shows nothing about the fat distribution, let alone thick thighs
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    Women with big thighs worry about their bodies. There are many ways to gauge someone’s fitness when it comes to body fat measurements. We mostly use Body mass index and body fat are the parameters to assess risk for illnesses and establish a person’s degree of personal fitness, such as heart disease and diabetes.

    The Setbacks

    The few differences that stand out are talked about below.

    Due to its usefulness in determining illness risk, particularly for diabetes and heart disease, the Body Mass Index, or BMI, has gained widespread recognition. And BMI has been hailed as the most precise way to assess how a person’s body weight affects their health.

    As a person’s BMI increases, they are more likely to develop these disorders as well as other weight-related ailments like stroke and numerous cancers.

    Based on height, the BMI is a tool for calculating different thick body types of body fat. Being unable to distinguish between muscle and fat is a drawback of the BMI calculation. A normal BMI and a high proportion of body fat, sometimes known as normal obesity, are conditions that affect more than half of Americans, according to some research. Not as healthy as someone with a high BMI is someone who is overweight but normal weight.

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    Recent advances in research suggest that body fat percentage may, in certain situations, be a more accurate indicator of a person’s risk of weight-related disorders than BMI. Body fat percentage determines the body’s amount of body fat and separates it from muscle. Body fat percentage has more exact measurements than BMI, which only provides a general approximation of body fat.

    Using body fat percentage, we discovered that a highly skilled athlete is underweight despite having a high BMI.

    Although many people use BMI as a guide, the index simply accounts for statistical data. They do not depict how your body fat is distributed precisely. The negative and positive weights are separated by a threshold.

    Big Thigh Can Save Your Life

    According to studies, women with big thighs enjoy longer lives than those with small thighs. All because their lower risk of high blood pressure and heart disease.

    According to the specialists and scientists who conducted this study on the Chinese population, their analysis and hypothesis suggest a link between heart disease and this demographic. However, depending on nutrition, size, and degree of activity, findings may vary when comparing results between different races.

    However, when this fat is positioned around your thighs, it is safer because belly fat indicates a greater risk of diabetes and heart disease.

    Though the study is still ongoing by examining these sections. They now focus on bone mass, proteins, muscle mass, and thigh fat mass.

    Fewer Risks of Heart Disease

    In obese individuals, a higher thigh circumference may be linked to lower blood pressure and a lower risk of heart disease, claimed to a study published in Endocrine Connections. Big thigh circumferences help to reduce blood pressure in Chinese men and women who were overweight or obese.

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    These results show that in Chinese obese and overweight individuals, who are more likely to develop heart disease, having more weight on the thighs may be a sign of better heart health. Targeting fat and overweight adults for early high blood pressure detection may be possible using thigh circumference.

    Big Thigh Muscles Protect You

    It’s tempting to question if national personality qualities have an impact on how scientific research is designed; for whatever reason, the Danish study from 2009 concentrated on thighs while the British study from 2007 concentrated on arms. In this instance, researchers looked at 4,107 males between the ages of 60 and 79; yet the study has omitted those who were underweight (BMI below 18.5) and those who had heart failure.

    Researchers were able to determine their body composition. They measure each subject’s height, weight, waist and hip circumference, mid-arm and thighs muscle circumference, and overall fat mass and muscle mass.

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    Each patient completed a medical history form, got a physical examination, and had a blood test done while fasting to assess additional risk variables.

    Two indicators became the most reliable predictors of mortality throughout an average follow-up period of six years. Big mid-arm muscle circumferences, which reflect abdominal fat, predicted a lower mortality rate, whereas research tends to associate a large waist circumference with a higher death rate. Even after the researchers took into account additional risk factors, the findings were still valid.

    The British study supports findings from past studies indicating that healthier people live longer. The fact that huge, strong muscles, whether in the arms or thighs, are a reflection of consistent training and an active lifestyle may contribute to the issue. But muscle itself also benefits health. Compared to other tissues, muscle burns calories more quickly. Additionally, muscle cells are more insulin-responsive, decreasing blood sugar levels without needing the high insulin levels linked to a higher risk of cardiovascular disease.

    A Fat-Is-Bad principle is a recent approach

    The function of fat in energy storage is crucial. “Having those energy reserves is beneficial,” says Dain LaRoche, an associate professor of kinesiology at the University of New Hampshire. “Older people tend to lose weight in the later stages of life.”

    He claims that fat storage assisted people in surviving the cold thousands of years ago. That is a time when they had to go hunting in the wild for sustenance. Cancer patients who frequently lose weight and become fragile during advanced stages benefit from having some fat reserves as well. Big thighs help, for they function in storing proper energy your body needed.

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    Does any of the aforementioned challenges apply to you? Even while having gain weight thighs comes with a lot of challenges, there are some benefits as well. For instance, by squeezing your enemy’s head between your thighs, you can choke or suffocate them. On a more serious note, though, huge eyes and big buttocks have both been trends.

    But if you still feel that you need to eliminate that gain weight thighs, the best thing to do is to watch your diet, go to the gym for workouts or better still, body contouring.

    Having gone through this article, I hope it enlightens you on how women with big thighs live better lives especially when you compare them with those that have smaller thighs and the best way to measure using body mass index and body fat percentage.