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    Are Thick Thighs Good/Attractive? 20+ Struggles Only Women With Thick Thighs Will Understand

    by Ellie

    women with thick legs
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    Nowadays, women with thick thighs gradually become no longer controversial. Big legs do not indicate that someone is overweight or unhealthy. Thick thighs are also sexy and popular in hip-hop music videos and reality TV.
    Women are beginning to embrace their thick thighs as celebrity examples, such as Lizzo showing off her energetic body with thick thighs at an NBA basketball game. No matter the situation, girls with thick thighs, are winning.
    However, women with thick thighs experience many struggles in their everyday lives. Most likely, you have experienced at least one example in this list. These struggles are relatable to any woman of any age.
    Check out these struggles to see if you have experienced any of these thick girl moments.

    20+ Struggles Only Women with Thick Thighs Will Understand

    These are the 20 struggles everyone with big thighs find relatable.

    1. Placing baby powder/powder between the thighs to prevent chafing and sweat.

    Putting the powder in between your thighs is future thinking for the sweat that will occur in between your legs. Yes, your thighs may appear a bit ashy at first. However, the powder will fade once the sweat soaks up the powder. Female thick legs deserve some powder to prevent the rubbing from turning the thighs red. No man likes a red thigh.

    2. Hot weather makes it uncomfortable to wear shorts because of the sweat.

    You decide to avoid the sun and heat in general because it takes a lot to prepare to go out. You prevent the powder; you don’t want to put on jeans because you’ll be more uncomfortable. No matter what, your thighs cannot take the heat.

    3. Don’t think about sitting on leather seats in a car with shorts on; it’s sweltering.

    Imagine that your thighs are burning up. It doesn’t help sitting on leather seats. It does not matter if the air conditioner is on. Women with thick thighs will feel the burn!

    4. Shorts will become booty shorts, no matter the length.

    Imagine buying shorts that you believe will be at the point of your fingertip; however, they magically become shorter when you put the shorts on. These problems make it challenging to sit down, enjoy the hot weather with your shorts riding up higher, and add to the rub you did not want.

    5. Your jeans can rip in between those thighs.

    The constant rubbing between your thighs will create rips and tears that you did not want. Your jeans will get a new look after a few rubs, and you will most likely continue to wear them and say that that’s how the woman with thick thighs bought the jeans.

    6. Don’t forget the leggings/jeggings.

    Due to the stretchiness and rubbing of the thick female thighs, the leggings will rip faster. So this is a very troublesome thing for many women with thick thighs.

    7. Dresses appear shorter when you wear them.

    An elementary school teacher who took a picture of herself in a dress fell victim to this struggle. It turns out that she had thick thighs that made the dress appear shorter on her body. The dress looked beautiful on her, but the parents thought differently. Once again, it is a struggle.

     8. You can’t sit down in a skirt.

    When you sit down in a skirt, the skirt will ride up and show more goodies than your thighs. The dress is not a thick girl’s best friend but wearing a skirt that is a reasonable length may alleviate the ride. You can’t be a thick thighs mom wearing a skirt. It wouldn’t be appropriate in certain situations. Plus, it can be very uncomfortable.

    9. Your thighs won’t match your waist in jeans.

    It would help if you had a belt with a lock to keep your pants up. Even though you bought your pants to fit your thighs, your pants do not fit your waist. The jeans keep falling because you missed the mark where you thought one-size pair of jeans was supposed to fit all your lower body.

    10. Your thick thighs are prone to developing stretch marks, dark marks, and cellulite.

    Thick female thighs can be beautiful, but there will always be imperfections. Cellulite, dark spots, and stretch marks can develop over time. To help ease the existence of these imperfections, a woman can wear looser clothing that can reduce the comfort and rub natural oils on her thighs like coconut oil and aloe vera.

    11. Putting on your jeans is always fun.

    You ever tried putting on your jeans in a million different ways to move them past your thighs? Thick thighs make it challenging to put jeans on at times.

    12. Chafing can be very painful.

    Chafing is when your thighs rub against each other consistently. The rubbing can become uncomfortable after a while. To limit the amount of chafing, refer to #1 in this list of using baby powder in between your thighs.

    13. Some people will call you rude nicknames.

    Nicknames aren’t always on the best terms with some individuals. People create nicknames to be cutes, others to be hurtful. People have called women with thick legs mean epithets such as rhino legs and big ol’ yams. While some may have good intentions with these nicknames, it doesn’t help when you’re already experiencing struggles from this list.

    14. Jean shopping is never fun.

    Imagine trying to look for some jeans that will most likely not fit you. You try on different pairs to walk out of the store with nothing. Girls with thick thighs go through this struggle all the time. They want to be cute and beautiful. However, jeans were never made to fit perfectly on thick thighs.

    15. Your ripped jeans will leave imprinted marks on your thighs.

    Wearing distressed jeans gives an edgy look to any women’s body. The ripped portions of the jeans near the thighs press so hard against the skin that when women take the jeans off, there is nothing else but red marks in the shape of lines left. Besides, a thick thighs mom cannot wear distressed jeans as well. If she drives her children to different places, then the jeans will consistently press down against her skin and create large red marks and imprints.

    16. Walking past someone in a restaurant to sit down.

    You want to sit down in a booth, but you end up booty bumping the table, a person, and (hopefully not) someone’s dinner. You want to sit down as quickly as possible without the destruction of something and someone.

    17. Wearing thigh-high anything is uncomfortable.

    Pulling up thigh-high socks is the worst because it is almost like wearing jeans that fit your thighs but not your waist. This time, the socks somewhat fit your thighs. The constant roll down of a sock makes you not want to wear the socks anymore.

    18. Crossing your legs under a desk or a table.

    When women with big thighs cross their legs, they end up unintentionally hitting their legs with the table. The hit doesn’t hurt. The only part about crossing their legs that hurts is when the entire leg does not go over the other.

    19. Your thighs look more significant when you sit down.

    When you sit down, your thighs go flat, making them appear to be more inflated. A woman’s thighs did not get bigger; thick skin goes flat when it’s placed on a flat surface.

    20. Two words – chub rub!

    Chub rub is a slang term for the worst experience that a woman with thick thighs. Chub rub is when the chafing rubs hard in between your thighs to the point where your thighs develop a very red and prickly rash.

    FAQs about Women with Thick Thighs

    thick female thighs
    photo source: Pinterest

    Are thick thighs suitable for women?

    Thick thighs are suitable for women! Your thighs are wide, but you are a healthy individual. Thick thighs do not indicate a person’s health. At times, the fat in your thighs is uncontrollable, natural, and a hereditary trait.

    Why do guys like thick thighs?

    Thick thighs are fluffy and feel like pillows. Guys can lay their heads down and feel comfortable with the soft touch of a women’s skin. A guy also becomes aroused looking at women with thick legs because they associate thickness with child-bearing. Men believe that thicker women are the best women to carry children. Lastly, thick thighs give men something to hold and caress.

    What kind of pants should I wear if I have big thighs?

    Women with thick thighs can wear specific jeans to feel cute, comfortable, and casual. Women can wear straight-leg jeans because these jeans fit any body shape. Just buy your size and feel comfortable pulling these pants up. Women with thick thighs can also buy boyfriend jeans, stretch pants, and boot-cut jeans.


    Women with thick thighs are gorgeous beings who go through struggles that not so many people will understand. As long as women love themselves and love their thick thighs, then they will conquer the world of chaffing, hot weather, and ripped-up jeans. All it takes is a bit of baby powder and picking the right jeans. Women can do anything and wear anything; however, a woman should always be comfortable first.

    If you have been through any of these struggles, talk about your experiences and how they shaped you like a thick thighs’ woman. Did you grow as a person and did you learn to accept who you were as a person?