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    WooPlus New Year Event is on! Share the #onethingfor2018 and win the gifts!

    by Ellie

    Was there something that you always wanted to do?

    Practice Yoga?

    Travel all alone?

    Ask him/ her out for coffee?

    Take sunbath wearing a bikini?

    Fight for the chance belongs to you?


    And, did you ever get these things done?

    Maybe  people often tell you:

    “You shouldn’t do such things as a girl…”

    Maybe you always tell yourself

    “I’m too fat for that…’’

    “Next year when I’m ready…”

    “I wanted to, but…”

    People keep telling you things.

    You keep finding excuses for laziness or fear or lacking willpower.

    Now, here comes a chance for you to ask yourself seriously:

    What is the one thing, only ONE THING,

    that you must get it done in this coming and brand new year 2018?

    welcome to join WooPlus’s New Year Event!

    Tell us your ONE THING for 2018

    Let’s make it together!

    Here are the tips on how to join!

    First, please download WooPlus APP from Google Play or App Store

    Log into the app

    Join the New Year’s Event on the app

    share #onethingfor2018

    Let’s accomplish it together!