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WooPlus the Plus-size Online Dating App Offers Verification to Help Ashley Winner of Season 14 of Project Runway Shut Down Online Plus-Size Attacks

by Becky

Ashley Nell Tipton
Image Source: / Ashley Nell Tipton

When Ashley Nell Tipton was announced as the winner of Project Runway Season 14, we were genuinely happy for her since it was the first time ever a plus size collection won on Project Runway. Ashley utilizes her expertise to help plus-size stylish clothing be included in the mainstream. By doing this it advances plus-size fashion and the plus-size community as a whole. Unfortunately what made the most noise on social media weren’t the compliments for a talented designer, but an array of attacks on this very talented 24-year-old young lady. The haters scream that Project Runway was losing their objectivity, insisting it was simply a marketing gimmick by Project Runway to select Ashley as the winner. “It hurts” not only Ashley, but the entire plus-size community. WooPlus now wants to give proof to safeguard this gifted fashion designer form the vicious plus-size attacks online.

The screen-shot below is a WooPlus vote that was published on their Moment sharing section that encourages members to share their views on the plus-size collection by Ashley. The result? 78% of WooPlus members love the plus-size designs in Ashley’s collection.


In an interview with, Ashley stated that “my collection was cohesive. My collection was wearable.” And by expressing their opinions, WooPlus members have validated that Ashely’s plus-size collection was in fact attractive, wearable and cohesive.

We love Ashley’s creative design talent and love her even more for her willingness to go beyond the limits of plus-size fashion. WooPlus is considering partnering with the gifted fashion designer and they hope she can choose a few of the plus-size models from WooPlus members for her plus-size collection. In our opinion, it is time for plus-size fashion designs to be completely endorsed worldwide.

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