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    “You Are Fat”, Look at Fitness Instructors’ Response to Body Shaming Mail

    by Becky

    Isn’t it embarrassing when everyone notices your not-so-great figure from time to time? Admit it or not, you always have such feeling when someone is bullying you because of your curve-less body figure. If you are one of those fat people all over the world, you surely have an experience to be bullied by people in your place and especially in social media which would more shaming on your part as a person. Well, you are not alone when such thing happened to you like this person who have been bullied because of her physical looks and worst, the people who have been bullied are fitness instructors already.

    There is this fat- shaming story of fitness instructors and they got bullied because of their body size. They were bullied by an unknown person who happened to post against them. The person who gave her hurtful words doesn’t even think about how they will feel after the words told by that person who bullied. The event of bullying became viral and many people gave their sympathy with the event of body-shaming figure story especially as they are fitness instructors out there too. The different responses of many fitness instructors especially the people who have been bullied especially Ellis came to be quite disappointed of such person’s view about them.

    The response of the fitness instructor was really encouraging for everyone with body-shaming figure and quite a good lesson for those who bully people with a heavy weight. The fitness instructors are Megan Ellis, and Taryn Sisco, who was able to stand for the rights of Ellis who has been that woman mentioned as “you are fat” in the mail post they received. Ellis was bullied with the online posts and Sisco defended her against the person who has posted the post. With such kind of experience by Ellis and other fitness instructors, they responded confidently with the allegations and bullying act of the unknown person.

    Fitness instructors especially Sisco believes that everyone has the right to be respected despite of their body figure and be able to give them the chance to remove their tag of having a body shaming figure. She even said that people should not judge some other people with what their eyes can see and it is really sad to think about it.  But the instructor was never afraid of pursuing their goal of providing people the way to their fitness too. In fact, they have said that they truly value their clients and it is the thing that they keep in honestly working for them.

    Having a body fat- figure may really be an embarrassing story for some individuals but not with other people like Megan Ellis and Taryn Sisco. They both have the confidence to work for people by guiding them to have their fitness goals effectively. Now, these two fitness instructors are motivated more in working in their new-found fitness center as they were able to get more support from people with kind heart and open-mind to understand such situation.

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