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    “You Look Great” Is Our Response to Fat-shaming

    by Becky

    If you add the word “fat shaming” to your google alert, you will find that there will surely be several fat-shaming news EVERYDAY. We can not make all fat haters shut up. Actually, we do not need to do that either. What we need to do is just living better and happier. In this blog, we will share some examples on how these big girls responded to those “boring” fat shamers with intelligence and politeness. Hope it can give some lights and encouragement to those big girls who are struggling with protecting themselves from this fat-shaming world.

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    Navabi’s response to “fat-shaming in London tube”

    “Young man just got on train at Oxford Circus, gave printed card saying YOU’RE FAT to overweight girl. He jumped off. She read it, & cried.” This is what happened on London tube. A group called “overweight haters ltd” were giving nasty fat-shaming card to women who have some extra weight. Then plus-size fashion brand Navabi offered a response to it. “The group calling themselves “Overweight Haters Ltd” forgot to register their domain name… so we thought we’d do something nice with it instead :)” So they bought a domain, named “overweighthaters.com”, for these overweight haters, with “kindness” and “politeness.”, delivering a message that “Hey, fat shamers, we look great today and we never make anyone feel bad.”

    Loey Lane’s response to “fat girls should not wear two-piece swimsuits”.

    Loey Lane is a plus-size You Tube blogger, who sometimes shares her fashion style wearing bikini. Some users leave hateful critics in her channel that fat girl wearing bikini is totally off-limits. Facing these fat-shaming comments, Loey did not run into rage. Instead, she posted a video in which she explained, calmly but passionately, why she disagreed with the statement that bikini is not good on bigger girls, that fat women wearing bikini will make other people feel uncomfortable. She is right. We look great with our body and our style and we are not asking for others’ feedback.

    Kristin Chirico’s response to “fat girls are forbidden to wear crop tops”

    Queen Oprah’s namesake magazine announced that wearing a crop top as a plus-size person is against the rules of fashion. So plus-size fashion blogger Kristin Chirico decided to wear a crop top for a week. Then wearing crop top, she went to music festival, went to work, went to gym and parties. Later she shared her Crop Top Week on buzzfeed and won over 2000 likes. Just as she mentioned in the end of her article “Let’s make the world a less scary place to be fabulous.”, thus, do not let these boring fat shamers become barriers to your fun and happy life.

    Haters are still gonna hate. What we can do is never letting these fat-shaming words ruin our beautiful life. Life is short, and you look great every day!

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