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    4 Dating Tips to Attract Genuine Love

    by Ellie

    These days, it’s difficult to find real love. Everybody yearns for a meaningful relationship at one point in their lives, but real love can be elusive. Even though the internet made the world much more accessible, it also made it more difficult to truly connect with people, considering the diversity and variance between personalities, upbringing, and beliefs. If you’re looking for real love, here are the best dating tips that may help you find the relationship you’re yearning for.

    Dating Tips to Attract Genuine Love

    Don’t Obsess Over Finding “the One”

    The first piece of advice for finding real love is to not look for it. While it may sound paradoxical, far too many people obsess over finding love, and they lose themselves in the process.

    Before searching outward, it’s important to first turn inward. A partner isn’t meant to make you whole. You should have already sorted your career, health, and activities before you begin looking for someone to share yourself with. There’s no point in sharing yourself with someone else if you aren’t your own person yet.


    Establish Rapport the Right Way

    While it’s only natural for you to want your date to be attracted to you, it’s important to keep in mind that a date is meant for you to learn more about your potential partner. It’s tempting to try to come off as someone appealing and successful, but the truth is that your focus should be outward, not inward.

    Stay present, listen intently, and be open-minded and honest about the thoughts and opinions of your date. The key here is to present yourself as someone who is genuinely interested in what your date has to say.


    Have Fun

    The most memorable dates are the ones where you have fun. Try to base your date around activities that both of you enjoy. By making the fun factor your focus, you’d already have something in common with your date, which makes it easier to start and carry conversations with them.

    Not only this, but many studies have shown that couples who experience adrenaline-inducing activities together are also much more likely to end up having sex, as the brain signals for excitement as similar to those of sexual arousal. If your companionship blossoms into a healthy relationship, you may even want to consider using pleasure products to enhance your experience, as these tools also add excitement.


    Deal With Trust Issues, Don’t Avoid Them

    Mutual trust is the foundation of any healthy relationship. However, trust isn’t given overnight. It is nurtured over time, and it is difficult to recover when you lose it. People who have been hurt in the past have difficulty trusting others. This is why it’s important to deal with trust issues head on instead of burying them.

    Always prioritize being trustworthy. If you find it difficult to overcome your trust issues, you may want to consider getting professional help to help you. You can’t learn to love without learning how to trust.


    The search for meaningful connections has never been more pronounced than it is today. Use the tips above to help foster a bond between you and your potential partner.