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    5 Amazing Perks When You Are Being a Plus Size Woman

    by Ellie

    As a plus size woman, you have likely been negatively judged for your body. But, you should never let those opinions get you down. Why? Because there are some major plus size woman perks. Here are 5 of the biggest perks for your consideration.

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    1. No Food is Off-Limits

    For whatever reason, many people find it difficult to wrap their heads around the fact some women are bigger. Because of this, they are naturally curious about your eating habits and therefore watch every food choice you make. Choose something healthy, and they will applaud you on the good, health-conscious choice. Choose something even slightly unhealthy and they will immediately begin whispering about your poor choices and how they are ruining your body.

    So, if they are going to have something to say no matter what you eat, why worry too much? Eat what you want and ignore what everyone around you says.

    2. No Need to Worry About Medication

    Unlike other people, a plus size woman does not have to stress about the rising cost of medications so much. This is because, when you get sick, your doctor will automatically say it is due to your size. So, instead of prescribing you any medications to take, they will simply recommend lifestyle changes; eat healthier, lose weight, and similar things.

    3. People Assume You Are Pregnant… And Give You Their Seat

    Have you ever been on a crowded bus or train, wishing for a seat? Probably not, because many
    people will jump to offer you their seats because they assume you are pregnant, not a plus size woman. Because of that, you will never find yourself left standing too long, meaning no tired feet! If that is not a major plus, what is?

    4. Goodbye Annoying, Flirty Guys!

    Thanks to the way society looks at people, plus size woman are usually deemed as unattractive to people. Instead of seeing it as a negative, look at it this way: when you go out with the girls, you will not have to worry about getting harassed by obnoxious men all night long.

    5. There is No Needless Spending

    For other women, going to the mall can be a dangerous thing. They can go out without wanting to spend a dime, but end up spending hundreds of dollars because they found clothes they liked. But, as a plus size woman, this is not a problem because most stores do not carry your size in-store. So, you will not find yourself wondering where all your money went.

    What the rest of society thinks about you and your body should not matter, so never let their negativity get to you. In fact, instead of looking at being a plus size woman as something that is negative, consider all the plus size woman perks that were mentioned above. At the end of the day, all that really matters is that you are happy with yourself and that you love and accept your body.

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