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    7 Best Dating Apps for Plus Size in 2024

    by Ellie

    If you’re a member of the BBW community or someone who appreciates those plus-size singles, and you’re on the lookout for dating apps tailored for BBW individuals, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll not only introduce you to the top 7 carefully selected free dating apps for plus-size singles, but we’ll also provide insights into what makes each of these apps stand out.

    Whether you’re seeking meaningful connections, casual dates, or simply looking to expand your social circle within the BBW community, we’ve got you covered. So, let’s dive in and explore these great apps that cater to the diverse needs of BBW individuals and their admirers.

    Top BBW Dating Apps We Picked Out for You

    Feeling overwhelmed with all the online dating apps? No worries, we picked the top BBW dating apps to assist you in finding quality matches and ideal partners. And now let’s take a look at them.

    1. WooPlus

    Available on the App Store and Google Play

    wooplus on app store

    WooPlus is one of the best Big Beautiful Women (BBW) Dating apps for plus-size people and their admirers. It is a highly recommended dating app used worldwide, and it has been receiving massive media coverage from top-ranked outlets like BBC, Yahoo, Mirror, People, and more.WooPlus creates an environment where all plus-sized people can enjoy dating. This app will help them find a love who would celebrate their figures. Currently, this great BBW dating app has a membership of over 9 million users (as of 2023) worldwide.

    Key advantages of WooPlus:

    • Inclusive Membership: WooPlus welcomes everyone to join, ensuring a diverse community of users.
    • User-Friendly: The app offers a straightforward sign-up process and intuitive interface, making it easy for users to use the platform.
    • Favorable Male-to-Female Ratio: Female users have a higher chance of finding suitable partners due to the favorable ratio of male-to-female members.
    • Zero Tolerance for Shaming and Scams: The app takes a strong stance against body shaming and scams, with strict measures in place to permanently ban scammers.
    • Authentic Community: WooPlus has an authentic community with minimal fake profiles, promoting real relationships between members.
    • Interactive Design: The interactive design, especially in the “Moments” tab, encourages members to share photos and engage with each other’s content.
    • Responsive Community: Members are very involved. They quickly answer others’ messages and comments, making it a nice and helpful environment.
    • Advanced Matching System: WooPlus’s matching algorithm enhances the dating experience by ensuring accuracy. Through a series of questions asked during sign-up, WooPlus tailors match users’ preferences, increasing the likelihood of finding compatible partners.

    2. BBWCupid

    Available on Google Play

    bbwcupid on google play

    BBWCupid is a popular BBW Dating app that focuses on big beautiful women and the men who admire them. They want to create a space where BBW singles could flaunt their curves, and impress people without body shaming. Here are some of the reasons why BBWCupid is such a popular BBW Dating app.

    Key advantages of BBWCupid:

    • Simple and Quick Setup: BBWCupid offers a streamlined process to get started, requiring only three steps: creating a profile, browsing photos, and initiating communication. This makes it convenient for users to begin their dating journey promptly.
    • User-Friendly Interface: The app boasts a user-friendly interface, making navigation intuitive for all users. From creating a profile to browsing matches, every aspect of the app is straightforward. Clear labeling, clean pages, and functional design enhance the overall user experience.
    • Longevity and Trustworthiness: With its launch in 2004, BBWCupid stands as one of the longest-running dating sites for BBW individuals. Its credibility is further solidified by being part of Cupid Media, a reputable online dating company known for its niche networks. Users can trust the platform’s reliability and effectiveness.
    • Free Basic Membership: BBWCupid offers a free basic membership option, allowing plus-size singles to join without any fees. This inclusive approach ensures accessibility to all users, regardless of their budget.
    • Advanced Search Filters: Basic members can utilize free search options with filters such as age and location. This feature enables users to narrow down their search and find potential matches that align with their specific criteria.
    • Varied Relationship Options: BBWCupid caters to diverse relationship preferences, whether users are seeking friendships, casual dates, or serious partnerships. It provides a secure environment for individuals to connect based on their interests.

    Read our detailed review of WooPlus and BBWCupid comparison.

    3. Large Friends

    Available on Google Play

    large friends on google play

    Large Friends is a BBW Dating app that strives to create a safe community for people to meet and date. There is a comprehensive section where you will find successful dating tips and bits of advice. The tips will range from a broad view of online dating to specific information for different types of plus-sized singles.

    Key advantages of Large Friends:

    • Large User Base: LargeFriends boasts a user base of over 2 million curvy singles, making it one of the largest platforms in the BBW dating niche.
    • Free Registration: LargeFriends offers free registration, allowing users to sign up and explore the platform without any initial cost.
    • Personality Tests: Users can take personality tests to enhance matchmaking accuracy and find compatible partners.
    • Communication Options: Different ways to talk to each other make it easy for people to connect.
    • Helpful Advice: The site offers helpful advice on its discussion forums, covering topics such as date ideas and building serious relationships, which can be valuable for plus-size singles.
    • Friendship Opportunities: Besides romantic connections, users can use the platform to find like-minded friends to chat with, expanding their social circle within the BBW community.
    • Free and Premium Options: Although you can join for free, LargeFriends also has paid options that give you more stuff, and they’re good for people who want extra things.

    4. BBW Plus Singles

    Available on the App Store & Google Play

    bbw plus singles on app store

    BBW Plus Singles is one of the hottest BBW dating communities for chubby admirers and plus-size lovers. You might meet some of the best plus-size singles in this app as it will prove to be a whole new promising experience for you. While it doesn’t have the same ease of use and simplicity as WooPlus, it can still be a decent alternative.

    Key advantages of BBW Plus Singles:

    • Dedicated to Plus-Size Singles: BBW Plus Singles works for plus-size single women, offering a platform tailored to their needs and preferences.
    • Private Communication Features: It provides private chat functionality, allowing users to connect and communicate securely. Additionally, users have the option to engage in video chats if they feel comfortable, enhancing the communication experience.
    • Innovative Sharing Options: BBW Plus Singles offers innovative features such as Flash Chats, enabling users to share videos and images for a short duration. This feature adds variety and excitement to interactions on the platform.
    • Global User Base: With users from various locations and countries, the app provides a diverse pool of potential matches. This global presence increases the likelihood of finding compatible partners all over the world.
    • User-Friendly Matching System: It simplifies the matchmaking process by allowing users to indicate interest by liking each other’s pictures. This intuitive matching system facilitates easy connections and interactions between users.

    5. Beesize

    Available on the App Store & Google Play

    Beesize is one of the best BBW Dating apps to help you find a plus-sized friend. This app is a lifeline for all BBW, curvy women, and plus-sized people. Beesize wants everything to be authentic as it aims to simplify the way plus-size people meet. Beesize provides a pleasant and unique way to fix all that.

    Key advantages of Beesize:

    • User-Friendly Interface: Beesize offers an app-based platform designed for BBW dating, making the setup process quick and straightforward, allowing users to start dating promptly.
    • Useful Features: It provides helpful features like “Start Match” to facilitate profile matching, and “Near Me” utilizing geolocation for finding local plus-size admirers, enhancing the user experience.
    • Stringent Community Guidelines: Beesize maintains strict rules against inappropriate content, ensuring a safe and respectful environment for users. Violations of these rules can result in serious results.
    • Ease of Meeting People: The app simplifies connecting with others and finding matches, facilitating interactions and potential relationships within the BBW community.
    • Universal Accessibility: Beesize is available as a universal app, accessible to a wide range of users, and boasts a unique matching system, catering to diverse preferences and interests.
    • Social Sharing Options: Users can share content on social media platforms and invite others to join, fostering community engagement and expansion.

    6. BBWink

    Available on Apple Store and Google Play Store

    bbwink on google play

    BBWink is a top-rated app offering a safe and reliable dating experience for all users, focusing on curvy dating. It is exclusively designed for those seeking BBW relationships and casual encounters. Its fantastic security and privacy features are renowned for enhancing your online dating experience. Currently, BBWink is one of the leading apps for BBW dating, having successfully connected many plus-sized individuals with their significant others.

    Key advantages of BBWink:

    • Personalized Matches: BBWink provides users with high-quality matches every day, curated by evolving algorithms. This increases the likelihood of finding compatible partners.
    • User-Centric Experience: Unlike solely image-based platforms, BBWink recognizes that users are more than just pictures. It emphasizes storytelling, passions, and interests, fostering deeper connections beyond superficial attractions.
    • Enhanced Profile Presentation: BBWink encourages users to create richer profiles, which significantly improves their chances of successful dates. This emphasis on detailed profiles allows users to showcase their personality and interests effectively.
    • Privacy Assurance: BBWink prioritizes user privacy, it guarantees that personal data will never be leaked to third-party platforms. Users have control over their data and can block or report any inappropriate behavior at any time, ensuring a safe and secure environment.

    7. Curvy Singles Dating

    Available on Apple Store and Google Play Store

    curvy singles dating on google play

    If you’ve been looking for a group to meet people who are similar to you, you’re in luck. Curvy Single’s Dating is one of the few dating sites that focus on certain types of people. You’ll see how many singles are signed up here, and more are joining all the time.

    Key advantages of BBWink:

    • Tailored Matching Experience: Unlike generic dating platforms, Curvy Singles Dating is dedicated to helping users find their perfect date by focusing on their specific desires and preferences.
    • Inclusive Community: It provides a welcoming environment for people seeking various types of relationships, whether it’s finding singles or connecting with larger individuals.
    • Growing Membership: Curvy Singles Dating boasts a large and continually growing membership base, increasing the chances of finding compatible matches and expanding social circles.
    • Efficient and Easy to Use: Joining the club is quick, easy, and free, with intuitive tools available to facilitate communication and connection-making with other members.
    • Personalized Interaction: Members have access to features like chatting, flirting, and sending private messages, allowing them to engage with others on a personal level and foster meaningful connections.

    Which BBW Dating App Should I Choose?

    It depends. When selecting a plus-size dating site, it is crucial to take into account certain key factors. These include the site’s reputation, subscription method, safety measures, and quality of customer support. Moreover, when looking for a site that suits your needs, be sure to check its target audience and whether it aligns with your dating preferences.

    For example, if you want a BBW dating app that makes sure everyone is real and safe, try WooPlus. They check profiles carefully and want pictures where you can see people’s faces clearly. This helps you decide if you like someone or not. Besides, WooPlus maintains a zero-tolerance policy towards rule-breakers and scammers, it wants everyone to feel safe and real. Most importantly, WooPlus highly values your data security and privacy as well, so you can rest assured that you are using it.